The law of attraction

Recent years, things have been happening to, and around me. Things which are deemed as unfortunate. Unlucky. Bad. Mishap. Et cetera. The negatives. They peaked towards year end.

If you have been reading my scribbles long enough, you may already know I was mugged outside my house more than a year ago.

Weeks later, I slipped in the bathroom. I use my forearm to lean against the door frame from falling,
as a reflex. Scraped my arm all the way down as I fall. My right foot went under that small gap of the plastic door. My arm now, is permanently scarred with a two-inch shadowy mark.

On New Year's eve, stupidity struck. I slotted my ATM card into an out-of-service machine without having to look first. Idiot.

Things hasn't been going well of late.

Zoky is seeing someone recently. My heart stopped when she broke that out to me. I felt the cut. Really. But as sad as I can be, I gave her my full support. As a close friend. Sis case has brought us much sadness and tears.

These things have been constantly playing in my mind. Affecting my work, tremendously. For the past weeks, I couldn't churn out any good ideas for my work. I'm struggling to work thrice as hard now to compensate those mediocre. And I'm thrice as exhausted. Physically, and mentally.

I got into a minor accident not long ago. It was raining. An MPV stopped at a fork of the road. As I was passing the fork on the right, behind two cars in a safe proximate, he decided to swerve out after the 2nd. I avoided that bastard, with just inches left for us to kiss. As the result, I skidded and hit the door-height divider on my side. He didn't even bother to stop. I gave that fucker a chase. I quit after some time. The MPV was from
the land down south.

No worries. I'm fine.

After experiencing one bad thing after another in a short span of just couple of months, they seriously bring down the spirit. At times when I'm alone to myself, my thoughts bent. I'm depressed. I'm sad. I'm down. I'm angry. I'm pissed. I sighed. I yelled. I cried. Zoky texted me after I told her about them.

"Be careful, 'kay? Better do something to bring away your bad luck. Keep an upbeat mind. The law of attraction works."

Maybe it does. I've been thinking about them too much. Kinda like "expecting" them to come every year. So much, these things came to me unknowingly. Maybe. I know, I shouldn't be so negative. But worry not. It will just be temporary. I will rise. I will stand. Firm. And fight to the end.

As I believed, there's always sunlight after the rain.

Maybe rainbows too.

In case I don't see you, Merry (belated) Christmas, and Happy New Year.


The painful hour

"Uncle, I miss you all. Tell Mama and Koko too."

Reading that, I held on as hard as I could. Not to burst a tear.

Sis texted Father earlier. She then called, weeping. Begging us to let her come back. The hardest part is lying to her that she is not our responsibility anymore. To us, she still is. Not the same like before, but in a more abstract manner.
It's not up to us to decide now.

I woke up at 10, after a 3-hour doze. Everyone's awake. Preparing to send her off later in the noon. Bro left for work earlier. For almost an hour when I'm still in the house, I didn't say a word. Didn't even look her in the eyes. I was pretending the whole time that I didn't care.
I hurried myself, and left to work.

That was one of the most painful time I had in years.


Closing a chapter

I laid my eyes the first time I held you.

Your eyes were closed. Your mouth slightly ajar suckling the air, making an almost inaudible sound. As if you are talking to me. That scent from you. That little limb movements here and there. And with that little tongue you trying to put out, was one of the loveliest thing I've seen.

We brought cousin sister up over the years.

Aunt dropped by once in a while to see her. Sometimes, would bring her home for a little of that mother-daughter time. Some years later, Aunt left to The States to make a living due to some problems she's facing here. She is not leaving her daughter. She will be back to get her when the time is right. She promised. And we know she would. Over the years, Aunt called back every other day to check on her. Recently, web chats.

After all these years she's been living with us, she's no more a niece, she's no more a cousin. She was more like a daughter, and sister to us. She was here for more than half of my life. Carved a quarter of my parents'. Two-third of Bro's. To my friends, she's always "... my sister...". To them, it's always
"... your sister...".

Barely 40cm in length cuddled up, three kilos or so
when she was brought here. As fragile and soft as any babies Mother had babysit before. The difference is, she was brought home a few-day-old.

Seeing her getting her vision. Sitting up on her own. Speaking her first word. Smiling. Giggling. Crawling. Clumsily balancing her first step. Running. Crying. Joking, teasing, and laughing at everything under the sun. I honestly couldn't describe how I feel.

Every moment of seeing her growing up is magical. Yet, very frustrating.

Studies used to be good. She was one of the top in her class during Primary. If not the school. Come Secondary, her results dropped year by year, to one of the top in her class, backward. We start to wonder. Was it the syllabus? Was it the crowd she mixed with? Or was it you were overly pampered by us?

What had gotten in you? Turning from a sweet innocent girl, to a disrespectful brat. From good to bad, and now, to worst. You started lying. Speaking rudely. Yelling. Cheating. Getting away from punishments. By tricking us into your sweet elaborate stories. Skipping classes. Skipping school. Smoking. Stealing money. Sneaking out at night. Sneaking out the cars.

We didn't bring you up like this!

Was it my parents fault? Was it your parents fault? Or was it my fault? Of not doing enough to stop my parents and Aunt for pampering you too much? Of not doing enough to refrain them from giving you too much? Was it?

Over, and over again, you disappoint us. Over, and over again, we let it go. For so many times you claimed you regretted what you have did, but as that many times you turn your back on us. One after another, you still hasn't change.

You are at its worst now. Up to a point, I even thought you are best changed if something really bad would have happened to you. A big one that you'll really regret it for the rest of your life. I know I shouldn't. I cried myself for thinking like this. I'm not suppose to cloud my mind. I couldn't help it. It was all at the back of my head. I don't know which is true anymore. I'm confused. I'm hurt. I'm lost. And I seriously don't hope you are digging your own grave for that.

Sooner or later, she will have to leave us. But I'm not expecting it to be like this.

A decision has to be made. For your own good. To start a new leaf in life. Over a discussion between Aunt, the husband, and us, you will have to go. Tomorrow, we are sending her off to the father. A decision that is as hard to make as letting go. As deeply cut and painful like a blunt rusty knife digging the open wound.

For that much we have poured our love, for that much we have wept.

Closing a seventeen years chapter isn't easy for us.


Not. Again.

I hate it when this happened.

It was just, what... less than an hour? Even that four bottles of Tiger shared earlier among Father and
Bro won't do justice.

What wakes me up? I need sleep!

I know what you are thinking. Might as well I try to get some sleep? I did. For an hour I did exactly that. Rolling from right to left, then back to right, then leftrightleftrightleftrightleftrightleftright. Wrapping me self like a
popiah, no... cocoon.

Less than 4 hours before the Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal rings.

Smelling the Monday blues now.



Textured paper for illustration purposes only. I do not own it.
I only did the text.

I escaped.

Tak boleh lah! I've worked through the wee hours. I'm not gonna stay an extra few so that I can see the opening of shops downstairs. I seriously in need of a good rest before my presentation end of that day.

That's a record time from the "mission" started to the lobby downstairs. Another fifteen to get home. It would be faster if Slow White Poke isn't going 0-100 in forever, floored.

Guess what the "general" said when I'm back to work at lunch.


I did

It is by fate that I got to know you.

It is by feel that I am fond of you.

It is by choice that I hold on.

I know where I stand.

I knew.

I should let go.


Two walls drilled

I promised Diam-Diam a favour to put up a shelf at her place last weekend. As I have all the necessary tools. Electric drill. Hammer. Screwdriver. Et cetera.

We I missed it. Was out straight after work till the wee hours the night before, and I forgot to switch on the ringer before I hit the bed. It was still on silent when I woke up in the noon with 3 missed calls from her. So, try to make it up to her later. She asked earlier midweek when I'll be going over.

I posted on her wall instead.

Shelf's up yesterday. She treated me a KFC meal before we start work. Need some strength also mah. And 2 cups of ice-chilled green tea to go along with my drilling. I'm satisfied with my workmanship. But she's so fussy lah. Banyak complain.

What you expect from IKEA?


Tied for life

The last I wore a tie was nearly ten years ago.

Thursday was the Wear-a-Tie day. A theme that Shades came up with the B2B's associate director during one late-afternoon-beer session. It must have been the beers; look at what they can do to you.

We are to wear a business suit, or at least, shirt and tie.

Why can't we have an Adam-&-Eve, or Lingerie-Nightie day? That would really boost up the morale. Or hormone. Whichever you prefers. How about As-If-We-Are-At-Work day? Or I'm-Actually-At-My-Desk-But-You-Can't-See-Me day? Lullaby day would be great too - wearing pyjamas or boxers. Can you imagine how comfy is that from the air sipping in under your balls boxers? I'm tingling just by having that thought.

I was searching for them at home, but found Father's collection instead. Those with wide end type. Just nice for a retro look. What surprised me was, I still know how to wear them. Even at the back of my head. It wasn't perfect on the first try, but the steps are in correct order.

I did a dimpled Windsor knot.

The wardrobe-disaster-that-got-me-a-3rd-place list:
Purple tie with diagonal pink stripes, from Suave.
Neutral beige shirt with vertical light blue stripes, from Arrow Mitoga.
Watch, from Citizen.
Coffee brown pants, from Padini Authentics.
Black & white shoes, from Converse.

Hope no one is jealous of my wardrobe choice comes 5 o'clock when the building management switches off the centralized air-cond.

More themes are in the planning now.

Wearing a tie is just like fishing - once you've learned how to do it, you can do it for the rest of your life. What say you?


The Lady

In The Ladies, continued.

I went closer to

Grabbed some tissues as I moved away from her. While I'm wiping my hands, I wiped my thoughts, whatever that is. I am still breathing as deep. My heart is still pounding as hard. I quickly grabbed the door handle, and held it open to wait for her. I catch a glimpse of air as soon as we left the toilet.

We parted with a goodnight after I sent her home.

Conscience 1: What the fuck!?
You are most stupidest man alive! You go talk to him!
Conscience 2: I'm not asking you to... sigh... forget it.

She is a very good friend that I've known for a while.

Over the time, we have built friendship and
respects. A bond that only we know. It's just a fine line of crossing over to the wrong side. It confuses me at times. I can't deny I am fond of her. But I don't want it to start this way. And definitely don't want it to end like this.

Not in this situation.

Not in this place.

Not now.


In The Ladies

Sneaking in The Ladies, continued.

Not so much of a difference, besides there is no standing urinal for man. It's clear of ciggy smell too. Since I'm already here, might as well I relieve myself. There are two cubicles. She went into one, I went in the other.

We started talking through the wall.

"You pee so loud!"

"(Chuckle) Yeah! Even my friends said I pee like a guy."

"High pressure..."

We emptied our bladder, and got out.

She washes her hands on the left, I stood on the right. I then looked up through her reflection on the mirror. Tracing her contour from the belly up. To her cleavage, then her collarbones. The shadow fell just at the right place on her neck from the yellow lights above. Oh, that lips of hers...

Zoky then looked up.

I met her eyes, and gave her a smile. She smiled back. She seems to be blushing. But for sure I am. Why is my heart pounding so violently? Why are my ears burning? My head is spinning. Oh, no. Please don't black out

I took a deeper

Conscience 1: Chances like these don't always
happen. Do it!
2: No! Don't! Please, no!

Please forgive me...


Sneaking in The Ladies

Sneaked in The Ladies yesterday, continued.

recalled the stories that Diam-Diam told her of the weird happenings and unknown entities lingering around on our floor. She was afraid to go in the ladies, even I told her it was okay. Even said I
will be around.

She asked me to accompany her.

I didn't want to. Instead, told her I will stand outside the door. Not budging a move. Wait for her. And keep talking through the wall. I must have the worst persuasion skill when it comes to this. She still refused to.

Seeing her not
feeling comfortable, I gave in.

Though everyone had left the office, I still looked around before my entry. I don't want to make it so grand lah.

And we went in...


The Spirits

We were at Fun Size's place playing Siam Blackjack.

She wasn't playing. Just flipping through the channels on Astro. She then stopped at Animal Planet. It was airing a program that showcased an animal testing lab back in the early 20th century. Particularly on primates.

The lab is haunted.
Wait... (it got us to stop playing). What is a haunted place doing in Animal Planet? Salah slot kah? It was haunted not by human spirit, but monkeys'. Seriously? Monkeys?

Since Primary Two then wondered:

"When human have encounters with ghosts, they call the psychics. If animal spirits, who do they call?"

"The zoo keeper lor..."

Yeah, I know. It was so random.
We were all in tears. Almost cramped ourselves laughing.

There were human spirits. Now, animal spirits. Human. The weirdest living creature that has all the things going on in his mind. I won't be surprise hearing what's next.

Insect spirits bugging you. Pun intended.


Many, many Sundaes ago

What is so special about this sundae?

It was my winning bet...

Strawberry for me, chocolate for Diam-Diam

... back when everyone was having the World Cup fever!

It was that many Sundaes ago.

I'm not a football fan. I don't really know who's who, and which team is playing. Diam-Diam came to me one day, ajak to bet lah. She already chose hers, left me with no other choice. But since everyone was betting, and ours does not involve money, so why not.

I didn't watch the match. Only to find out the next morning. And best of all, I can't even remember which team I bet on. I even asked her to remind me! But a bet is still a bet. I understand her jeling-ing at me. For a person who know nothing about football to win a bet even without watching is demoralizing, right?

Beginner's luck.

After months of bugging her, from "I feels like strawberry today." to "Don't you think my shirt look like a strawberry?", from randomly pointing a deco on her desk blurting "Strawberry!" to "They should garnish this with strawberries" to my meal, and other similar variance posted in our Facebook walls, and my MSN statuses, I finally got it.

But it comes with a catch. She don't do deliveries.

The title was my MSN status.


Twice a fool

In Since Primary Two's car.

At an open road. Ten odd street lamps to the traffic light. It was green.

He clutched in, dropped gear, and floored the accel. Boost kicked in. Needles jumped.
The car torque steered. We were glued to the seats, as the wastegate screamed. Adrenaline started pumping. Orgasmic!

The light turned yellow! He braked hard... *potong steam*

At the red, we had a small talk.

"Even a Ferrari or Lambo can't beat that..."

"Yea lah wei..."

"Unless we can teleport in front lah."

"...(Stared at me, short pause)... If we can teleport, we teleport home lah! Still wanna teleport in front the traffic light meh!?"

Why didn't I think of that!? We had this exact conversation twice! At the exact same spot! On different occasions!

"Two bloody times you said that wei!"

"I know lah!... You don't let the teleport not enough power ar!?
(cover malu)... You still layan the first part what!"


"Let's make it 3. Third time's a charm. Or lucky number 7!"

"HAhAhAhAhAHHAA! (Long pause)... Don't wei!"

We cried all the way home.


Whose idea was that?

Came a brief for The Shower Foam.

The message was simple - to own a category where other brands have not. But what the client wanted to own, is too similar to 89,168,605,321.73 brands out there in the market. Did I mention it was for a capped TV spot? A budget so low that any production house would pretend they didn't know us.

We were working on it for 3 nights. Nothing solid. Shades came to me one night. We spoke a little about the brand essence itself. He gave the green light to look away from the brief. Take whatever that was in it as secondaries. Try a different angle. Look at a bigger picture.

The big idea, that is.

Had a chat with More Than a Cycle the next day. He was more than glad that we can ignore the brief. A
t least for now. One thing led to another. One idea sparked the other. We quickly gathered as much when we're satisfied with what we have after hours of bouncing off.

Showed them to Shades. "Almost there." It is still lack of that idea. Rethink. Well, the rejection wasn't brutal, really. But damn. Thought we have nailed it. Back to the drawing board. So, we decided to split. And work on it separately. I came up with 3 different scripts based on that one strong idea. A la Yasmin Ahmad style.

Shades compiled everything for the internal review day to the suits. Towards the end, one of my script was mentioned. It was selected among a couple more for the client presentation.

The thing about advertising is, you
rarely work alone during the ideation stage. You will be working in a team. The initial first thought will eventually evolve. An idea will overlap another. A thought will generate newer, better thoughts. Up to a point, no one knows who is doing what anymore.

Up to this day, I still hear creatives ask why named an art director in a copy-based ad. Or why is the copywriter in a visual driven ad.

We are not in the golden age of advertising in the 60s anymore.
Though your tools of trade weighs more to either side, art directors are not layout artist, and copywriters don't just write. Learn to accept this fact... no, changing trend of the industry.

If you insist, "What triggers that idea?", may sound more appropriate.

• • • • •

On an extra note...

We got the news that all 3 storyboards got shot down. All. Three. Boards. Triple sighs. Client decided to go for their own idea.

They should have just liaise with the production house of their choice directly in the first place. Call us in to supervise the shoot. Rather than asking for a solution when they already had something in mind.

Well, at least I can face myself and loudly say I tried my best.


The "should have" moment

Just as I about to swerve in the entrance ramp to the parking today, a black mini MPV in front of me stopped. A well-dressed woman in lilac got down. What? Wait. You planning to dock just right here?

I gave her a polite honk. She then walked towards me. She gave me that disgusted look you only see in certain kind/type of people.

"Awak block parking... (before I could continue)"

"Lah, sabar lah, aduh!"

Then her car moved!

Oh! Okay... the passenger switched place from the inside. The fuck I know ar!? Your car was almost illegally tinted. You got down from the driver's side. There was about 20 feet to my car. The time it took you to come over to blurted out the "sabar" thingy, would have taken you enough time to indicate someone is in there, and was about to leave. Signal lights don't come optional with the purchase of the car.

I understand that sabar is separuh dari iman. Or whatever you wanna put it. The look on your pathetic face isn't sabar as well.

I should have screw the fuck out of her then.

Yeah. That moment.

Good start of the day.



"It's Me!"

When you got a call from an apparent friend, who never contacted you in years, it could only be one of the variation below:

1. To sell.

2. To borrow.

3. (Just) to catch up.

To sell - Most of these apparent friends are in this group. They come in a form of a sales(wo)man, agent, a member of the said-company-that-produced-the-item-that-s/he's-about-to-sell-you, and the like. The products are usually MLM-related, insurance or fund, and financial-related.

To borrow - Relatives dominated this group. You may or may not heard, or seen them before. Never visit your home, let alone stepping an inch at your front door. The only thing that these group of people borrow is money.

(Just) to catch up - An urban legend.

By now, you should have guessed I got a call from one of these friends.

"Hey, Birthmark!"


"It's [Me]."

"[Me] who?"

"[Me Myself] lah, from Old School Art College."

"[Me Myself]?... (I thought for a while) Oh!... Hey, what's up?"

"Make yourself free on [date]. Having my wedding dinner reception then."

"I'm not sure if I can attend."

Can't commit. I'm an adman. Remember?

"Are you free next week?"

"Not on weekdays. Weekends should be fine."

"We'll meet up then. I'll pass you the invitation. But anyway, if you can't make it next week it's okay. But on my day, you must come! Try your best, okay?"

"Well, I'll try."

"No more friendship if you didn't show up!"

He's joking. Just to make the conversation warmer and friendlier. Some quick seconds before we hang up.

The last I seen him was back at my college day. That was almost ten years ago. We briefly met up after that for some drinks along with other friends. How many times was that? Not even a handful. Fingerful, if this term exist. And that was it. We never met or call each other after that. Not even chatting online. Only recently he found me in The Social Network.

Since when he got an English name ar? Look at how distant are we.

We refer the wedding invitation as The Red Bomb. It comes in a red envelope mah. Even if it's a no-show, we are to pay a discounted rate. Half from the market price. If you decide to bring a partner (strongly not recommended), doubled.

The Red Bomb are given to (all) relatives of both side of the bride and groom. Compulsory. The handful of friends who you hang out with. Colleagues who you work directly with. "Friends" here I refer to as those you see almost every other day - the bros and sis, the close ones. Colleagues are optional.

Which one I'm in again?

After years of silence, called me in the middle of my brain juicing moment and expect me to nod?

Would putting him into the To Sell group appropriate?

And I'm not going.


When it's still pink

Half of our topics are food related.

Diam-Diam is not fat. Not even close. She's the kind with a well built frame. Athletic curves - she's into kickboxing. Tall, for a girl. Big bones. And has a huge pair of ti... hands. They were as big as mine! Measuring it against the manhood, I thought, it really questions the ego. And I wonder, how big his boy's was to compensate.

The Pink Ice-cream is having a promo. Every Wednesday, if you wear or bring anything pink to any of the outlet, you'll get a discount or some sort. Excitedly, she was selling this to me the whole day. So, I did a body search. Looking around my desk for anything pink. And I thought I have something in that hue. Where are they lah?

Thought I was desperately looking for one, she slide her chair near me and put her nail polish on my table. Volunteered to give a manicure session for me. I thought for a while.

I told her why not I storm to the counter. Lift my shirt. Unbuckle. Pull my pants. Slide my underwear. And shout...

"Quick, quick! Before it turns hard and red!"

We had a good laugh.

Not a fan of it though.


Shots of Vitamin C

One of the many last minute plan. For being too bored on a Saturday night. Forked out 5 bucks each for that couple of hours spent in the parking being an amateur photographer. At least it's something... productive?


Milk poisoning, petrol intoxication

It's always been you two.

What about
The Bank? What about The Credit Card? Not to forget The Soft Drink. Juice. Ice-cream. Yogurt. Have I left out The Toothbrush? The Toothpaste? The Shower Foam? And The Hair Gel?

The Cosmetic? The Car? The Cinema? The Apartment? The Trade Agency? How I had wished...

Milk. Petrol. Milk... petrol... you've been occupying most of my time.

Don't I wish to queue in a bank too? Or online banking like everyone else? I swipe cards. I wouldn't mind having diabetic soft drinks every now and then. Or engulf in the artificial
freshness of a juice. Oh, that rich and creamy ice-cream. That taste buds stimulating yogurt. You only live once. I sleep with minty breath. And wake up still smelling like a baby. I do my hair if I'm out.

I wouldn't mind a little lip balm. I like cars. I love cars. Look at what I did to Slow White Poke. I enjoy watching movies on a big screen. If I'm with someone I'm fond of. I dream of resting my feet on a coffee table in studio suite. On a non working day. Trading? That would come in handy one day.

So, get out of the way. Don't jammed me up.

It's time to milk the petrol dry. And loose guard patrolling the dairy.

Yeah. Just back from work. At least I
managed to sneak out for dinner and a couple of beers with Zoky earlier.

Good night, and good morning, people.

Whichever deem fits.


Boleh, or not?

"Wei, still at work?"


"Aw... pitiful. I just finished work. Wanna have dinner? Are you done?"

"Er... not sure... I'm discussing something with my partner. And have to look after my designer on the job I briefed her earlier today... well, lemme check..."

Excused myself from my writer. And walked away from the pantry towards my place.

"My designer isn't at her place..."

"I'm about to leave the office. How?"

"Okay, I tell you what. I call you back in a while to confirm?"

It was Zoky.

I have tons of work to be done. Couple more of ideas to churn out for The Other Milk activation project with my writer before he's calling it a day. But I still... well... you (should) know. Have a couple of trying-hard-not-to-look-forcefully quick ones with him. Done! Just then, Zoky texted me.

"The highway is in a terrible jam. I think it's better for you to leave the office later. I can have dinner myself."

Oh! That is so uncool! Think, think, think. Come on, come on. Walked towards the windows at the pantry. Wow. It was pouring heavier than before. The traffic was really bad. Almost stationary. Texted her back.

"Yeah, it's really bad. I can see it from here. Or why not you drop by the mall and have dinner here? My treat."

"I'm in the middle of the trail. Not sure when I'll reach. We go for the cheaper one then. If you can wait for me. I'm hungry!"

So am I. Raining day indeed makes you hungrier.

"The cheap one, that is."

Went down and joined the rest while I waited for her.

I drank half the yin yiong, when she rang. That was quick. Downed it all. Leave the colleagues. And met her up.

She was cold. And craving for something hot, and soupy. After throwing a few suggestions, she remembered the Vietnamese's I had with her last time. And off we go. We ordered the set for two. Come with fried rice, beef noodle, and other side dishes. Ice lemon tea included. I took the rice, and she, of course, the noodle.

We took our time to enjoy the food. I can't finish mine. It was... quite tasteless. I must say. Her beef ball taste much better. But I give an overall high markings for it. It's not so much of the food and ambient. It's who you are enjoying a meal with.

Had some chat after makan.

About the coming trip early next year. About our work. She's surprised that I have to go back to the office to finish up what I left. So I thought, instead of leaving after dinner, why not I bring her up my place and show her around? The place I work at. The works I do. The bunch I hang out with.

She's the first one I've ever brought up. Hope my family and bros don't know about this.

The lift opened. My designer was at the lobby. Walking around. On the phone. Chatting with someone that seemingly know me. I knew her friends by names, and brief acquaintances. Either
it was her close friends, her boy, or the housemate.

"Zoky, this is my designer, Diam-Diam."

"Eh! Hi, Zoky!"

"Why is she so excited?"

Zoky whispered.

"She's always excited."

After showing Zoky around, and spending some time lepak-ing and chatting with my team, I walked her to her car. And drove me back to the entrance. We parted with a goodnight.

I went back up.

"Ei! Zoky boleh woh! She looks prettier in person than in the photos."

"You think so?"

What Zoky don't know is, I told Diam-Diam unimaginable amount of times about her. As my designer, and a friend, she's concerned. She asked a few times about my progress with her. What progress can I have? Don't I wish to make another move? But it's harder for a second time now. Unless there's a very clear, green light from her. Of any kind. A signal. Body language. Whatever.

Not the first time I've explained these to her.

Zoky, is not the ladylike kinda girl. She dresses like one. But she acts a little tomboyish. She's on the rough side. Shakes her legs like a man. Well, it's one of her bad habit. I flicked her once when she did that. Said it's not nice to look at (but just another excuse of mine to have skin contact). She spits when she smokes! Her excuse, the taste of nicks.

It's these little imperfections that make her, her. Staying true to herself. Not faking a blink. Straight forward, and honest. It wouldn't be her if she don't do these anymore. I guess, that is why I'm attracted to her.

Boleh, or not, is not up to me to say. For now.


Irony #489

Went on a road I seldom use yesterday.

And the prize for that rarity?
Punctured my tyre.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a luck.

Had an outing with Bro and the gang. We went for a movie. And left after some drinks and Siam Poker at the mamak. It was almost 3am. Drizzling. Bro suggested to use a different road. I seldom got on that road. As I don't need to. Just a handful of times a year. It seems further to me.

I... didn't want to at first.

15 minutes into the journey, we passed a crashed car in flame. Damn! It was huge. Slowed down. And maneuvered my way through the broken pieces. I think I went on some of the larger ones. We saw what it seems to be the driver. He is still around the car! What the fuck is he thinking!? Get the fuck away!

Moments later, we heard loud, constant knocks on my car. It was on my side. We stopped to checked not far from the scene. There was something stuck to the tyre. Must be the broken pieces. Cars were zooming passed. So, we decided to stopped further. Just as we left, the flaming car burst. Even with the knocks in tune, we heard that.

We slowly made our way to a bus stop.

Just then, I remembered I don't have the lug wrench in my car. Shit. We rang Since Primary Two up. What else can we do but to sit there? Had some smoke while we wait.

Soon after, a fire truck passed us.

The fire truck passed us again. Without the siren this time. Hope everyone's save.

Since Primary Two then came.

"Of all things, you don't have the "T" (
we called the lug wrench that)?"

"I gave it to my ex la..."

Loosen the nuts. Jacked the car. Took the tyre out. There's a piece of semi-curved metal clamped on the inner surface of the tyre and the ring of the rim. Lucky my rim wasn't dented. Only scratches. And what the hell is that!? Which part of the car does this came from?

Changed the spare. And convoyed home.

Good excuse now to change tyres. And strut bars. Maybe sports steering. Oh, got my car tinted.

Why didn't we stop to help? We were not the first at the scene. There were already people helping out. Not sure if there's anyone else in the car besides the driver, but hope they are all fine.

And we're still wondering what's that metal piece.


Unofficial Dear Mr. Client

It's good for you to have your off day. Which is a luxury to us.

It's sweet of you to accompany your missus for shopping. Which for days we don't even catch a glimpse of our love ones.

It's nice of you to dropped by the office, and brought us donuts. Which sometimes we don't even have a second spare to munch.

But it's very, very rude of you to barged in without prior informing any of us. You are not from the health department. You are not from the anti-piracy. This is not a school. Neither is a university. We don't need spot check. Evolution tells us we have the capability to communicate. Alex invented the telephone for that reason.

This is a privately owned office premise. Our office. Our agency. Which is fully owned by the largest global advertising holdings. You are not a shareholder. You are not a staff. This is not a public area. Neither is a restroom. Trespasser will not be shot. But will be taken legal actions. Heavily.

The mall is downstairs. There is also another one nearby. If you lost your wife, information counter would be glad to lend their intercoms. If walking is not your thing, there are benches. There are toilets. So are restaurants. So are cafes. Even cinemas. And there are plenty of things you could do. Or imagine doing.

Two campaigns, and two promos with multitude items are fairly impossible to be changed with just a single click. Not with keystrokes. Not with shortcuts. Not even with both divisions combined. We are an international agency. We have other accounts as big. If not bigger.

We will not start work from scribbles on the printed presentation deck. Not with verbal briefing. Not without an official stamped and
signed job req. This is what we called the "black and white". We have a system. Which can be broken under very, very special and rare conditions. Yours, is not.

We are pleased that you are aware of the production deadline. But we are not pleased for the number of times you requested for "non-conventional" ideas. Which ended up as a bunch of things that everyone would flip away. Along with 250 ads in a dailies. Average. From different advertisers.

Never abuse words like "idea" and "concept". Leave it to us. The marketers. The creatives. Don't waste our time. Don't waste your time. By you constantly abused such terms, we have lost half of it.

When we agreed to omit the rest, and work on the key items, don't come telling us you have something new in mind. Not when we are almost done with them. Especially not with assumptions. We understand the term of pleasing your boss. If you aren't sure, a discussion with him is best. First.
We knew you are in-charged of these projects. But he have the final say. Not you.

Customer is always right. You are not a customer. You don't buy products from us. You don't buy services from us. We are a business partner. We offer them. For your marketing and advertising need.

We are not prostitutes. We are not here to please you.

Thank you. But no thanks.

Speaking on behalf of my team. Other team. The agency. And other agencies.

Yours truly.


The unfolded leaf

Father was a bank officer before he retired. He works late almost every other day. Only to come home way after dinner. I'd always accompanied him while he's having the leftovers, whenever there is a chance. And of course, if I'm still awake. Since I seldom see him.

One night, while he's having his late meal at home, I grabbed a stool, dragged it near the dining table, and climbed onto it. I then comfortably rest my chin on the edge of the table. It was silent. All I do was, looked at him. I was studying his expression. Tracing the contour and texture of his face. Of him munching away. Of him
reading the paper at the same time. As my eyes wander away from him, I found my hands. Curiosity kicks in. I popped a question.

"Why are there lines on our palms?"

While sucking the meat from the bones of his favourite steamed pomfret, spontaneously, he fold and unfold the edge of a leaf from the newspaper.

"That's why."

The thing about me being a child is, I never satisfy of the answers I get. I'd always asked another "Why?". And it's the "Why?" that they always end at. This time, I didn't ask again.
For a moment, I thought my eyes was glittering as a sign of agreement.

His answer was tad simple. But this has taught me one thing:

No matter how difficult the question is, there's always an answer. There's always a solution to it. A reason for it. The answer might be right in front of you, without you notice. If you know where to find it.

Whenever I feel lost, I always looked back at this.

Dedicated to a very, very special friend. Though it may be irrelevant, but I hope this can be an inspiration of some sort to whatever difficulties you are facing now.

Pang yau
this is the least I could do.


Bad high

Did I mention in my previous post that Zoky was sick?

She's on medication. Which made her a little slow and blur. I relate to her my own experience the last time I got sick.

I was having flu during the end of a course.

Had my scheduled meds, before I left the office for the graduation night. Everyone was there. Creative directors. Course organizers. Medias. And other invited guests. Among others, beers and cocktails were served. I was announced the top student. I received my award. But I'm not... happy? Being too blur to be happy. Few coursemates noticed. Told them it's the fever I had.

Should have limit myself to just soft drinks.

That night
, I had panic attack. I was in a delusional state. The sudden fear was unbearable. I soaked myself from tears, and sweat to sleep. Thought it's the meds I had. I stopped taking them the next coming days.

Day one, I stopped taking the cough syrup. I'm high.

Day two, put the fever pills aside. Still high.

Day three, threw the antibiotics away. No difference at all.

I am still as high as ever.

Despite that, I went to work.
But I couldn't focus. Stared blankly at my iMac for hours. Unable to think, even for the simplest design. One late night as I was driving back from work, I had... short term memory loss? There's a stretch of ten, fifteen minutes of driving that I'm not aware I had passed. Huh? Eh? Since when I'm already here!?

I'm getting worried.

Since Primary Two called for an outing to freshen up. The coming weekend, we went for a movie. Fun Size, and her sister, Total Opposite, came along. I seriously not sure what is going on.
I only remembered some of the scenes. And the screen was too big for me to handle. My head was spinning throughout the whole length. It continued to spin at the mamak after.

I told Buddy. At that time, it was during the first wave of the H1N1. Hospitals, and clinics began to stocked up with stronger dosage of flu medicines. Or so he heard.

It carried on
for a good week, or two.

It was that bad.

That was a different kinda high. Seriously scary.


Wet dream

Zoky asked if I would like to tag along to a trip with her friends. It will be in early January. Since started work, I rarely commit to any of the plans my bros made, until the last minute. I'd almost forgot about it. Screw the works lah, I should take a rest after all these brutal nights rushing for pitches and campaigns.

So, I texted her.

I recall she will be going around looking for a new place to rent. Somewhere nearer to her new office. She didn't answer. But texted me this morning. Wasn't sure if she will be going herself. Got another text right after that one. It's a date! Well, not that kinda date. Just watching movie and makan kinda date. Apa lagi? Of course on la!

Chat about it with her in MSN. She's still sick since the long weekend. I scolded her. In a nice way la, of course. So instead of facing the monitor, I told her to get more rest. Lie on the bed. Couch. Anything. Rather than absorbing the radiation.

Promised to call each other up later in the evening to confirm.

My Internet activities for that noon covers movie searches. Oh, there are few nice ones showing on screen. Keep that in mind for later. After I'm done, I went to the living. And dozed off on the sofa. It's the weather la. Makes you sleepy. Couple of hours nap later, I got up. I start composing my text... Oops,
Zoky rang. It's a confirmed date.

And off I go to pick her up.

Drizzling. Steamboat. Good combination. But we are still a little sweaty from sipping the hot soup. We left with some strands of mee hoon. Went to the... what's it called? Kedai Apa Pun Ada? Anyway, bought a retractable measuring tape for her to measure her bed and lift doors. See if we can keep the bed without dismantling it when she shift soon.

She got to know recently there's a "new" cinema there. Not the Big 2. But a smaller one. Just perfect. Since we are running late. And I'm sure there are tix left waiting desperately to be bought. There are! Great! Had a ciggy. Bought some drinks and went in.

The hall was rather small. As wide as the screen.

I didn't know she fear of tight, confined spaces. At times. It's worst when she's sick. And the only available "okay" seats are at the side wall, fourth row from the top. But she decided to stay on. I insisted if at anytime during the movie she wanna leave, tell me.

Movies are nothing. We still can watch DVDs, or in bigger halls at the middle some other time. What is 20 bucks? I care more for her than peanuts.

We managed to finish the length. Throughout the movie, I kept asking, or just turned to her to see if she's fine. I enjoyed looking at her than the movie. And I can't deny I wanted to hold her hand to comfort her.

I dropped her off after the movie. Had a small chat in the car. She asked if I can teman her to the new place tomorrow. For an extra opinion. I'm keen. I'll wait for her call.

Having a bright smile driving home...


That's the longest drag I had with Slow White Poke.

Bottleneck. Everyone's swerving out. I almost rear-ended two cars.

Though I've never been in any defensive or advanced driving course before, I'm glad that I know people who's in the industry. I learn a lot about cars. Practiced theoretically, and through many trials & errors. I know my car well. And know how much she can take it.

Was I panic? Yes. But not the leg shaking kind. If it were years back, I would see my own blood. But a little headache right after. Blood rush I guess. My head is still pounding as I'm writing these. Maybe kena a little rain too.

I stayed calm throughout. Applying "manual" ABS (my car don't come with one). Steadily gripping the wheel. Maneuvering the slide. Dropping gears. Luckily, I'm using stiffer shocks and lower profile tyres. And I've just serviced her.

Never daydream while you're driving. In my case, recapping a few days story. Not when it's raining.

Drive safe, people.


Exotic eggs

Was devouring some century eggs with sliced ginger that Mother prepared earlier. It reminded me of an... how should I put it? Incident... no, encounter I had when I'm still the only child. About eggs.

How exotic an egg have you tried?

Think about it.

How about gecko's?

Yes, the household gecko's.
Lizard, cicak, or whatever you call it.

I was
too small to know the difference. They were hidden at a corner of an unexplored section of the house. Nicely gridded on the glass surface of a rattan coffee table. Four, maybe five of them. By the time Mother came to the rescue, the table was emptied.

How it tasted? A little salty, maybe. I seriously couldn't remember.

How it felt? Well,
it was crunchy on the outside. Something similar to M&M's, softer, with empty fillings. When the shell broke on the tongue, it was... quite a scene in there. The egg white squirting. And the yolk flowing down the throat was...

Argh! Fuck! Forget it!
I'm having butterflies now.


Peanut bitter

"People rather rant about how much they hated their work than actually moving on ages ago. It's silly to even stay on after so long. Look. It's just a job. Not a career you would want to spend your life with. Simple. Don't like it, leave. Just, leave.

You'll earn respect that way than contradicting yourself the whole time."

My recent wall post.

There's this girl in my list. She's been complaining about her boss. Colleagues. Her responsibilities. And everything other things about her work in general. Ever since she started work there. I guess, it was almost... a year ago?

I didn't bother.

It's fine to rant about work sometimes. It'll keep you sane. I can totally relate to it. But not on an almost everyday basis.
Leave if you hate it so much. Just bloody leave. Go. Please. No one forces you to cling on. It's stupid of you to even stay for that long. You should have known the first month you were there. And wake up. There's no such thing as a "perfect" job/career/work or whatever you like to call it. Being "perfect" only if you like/love what you are doing.

Oh? You haven't found a new one yet? It's just a "job".

Oh? It's a career? Open up your mind and look at it differently.

Oh? Decided to stay for a while? Then... shut the fuck up?

She reminded me of this guy. Same mentality. Just like the government.

I want to see some action, and nothing about the mouth.


Alarm. Alarming. Alarmed.

I have trouble getting up for work every morning. I'm already using the most irritating MP3 (of the small list of songs) as my ring tone now. And still, my thumb and the snooze button is inseparable. Like Romeo & Juliet. Teh & tarik. Pop & corn. Coco & nut. You jump, I jump. You bunyi, I tekan.

I'll just sleep it off until later Father literally scream at me. "Late to work" is not in my dictionary. We are "always on time" regardless of what time we tag in. For the millionth times, I've stressed this out to him.
Unless, there's a meeting. Unless, there's a presentation. Then, I'm late.

If I'm not working, I don't really have much problem waking up.
Even if I had late outing the night before. Also depending if I'm meeting someone special that day. Or, I'll be going for a trip. Or, having fun, simply. I will be fully alert with just the first snooze. Most of the time.

It's. Just. Work.

Why lah?

I've tried different ways.

Bought an alarm clock. The cheap, pasar malam kind lah. As an extra alongside my phone. My thumb and fingers are too heavy for that. Now, it is just lying shyly at one corner. With batteries so dead, it's vomiting acid.

Changes the ring tone regularly. It works! Only for a while. Eventually the bond of the thumb and snooze gets stronger. Day by day. How many annoying songs do I need to save it in?

Tried putting the phone far, far away. Nah, I'll drop more dead for being pissed getting up to shut the alarm in the first place.

Maybe I've got too used to it. Maybe age is catching up. Sleeping early doesn't work either. Even if I have the privilege to do so. Sometimes I would wake up later and wondering why didn't the alarm went on? Eh? It did? I swear I couldn't hear it.

Phone calls work. Am I expecting something? Or someone? But I can't rely on calls all the time.

I'm still half awake when I reached work on Monday. Blues lah. So, I'm taking my sweet time to power up the Mac. Logged in my mail. Opened up my favourite bookmarks. Just when I was about have my first morning sip of the coffee...

"Birthmark. Birthmark? Birthmark!" Increasing ring is on.

Wow! I am so awake!

The worst thing you could hear in the morning is your suit calling out your name. Not just any suit, but
this suit. My guess, revisions again. Well, at least I've solved Monday's. Now... should I, or should I not record his voice as my ring tone?

But I prefer a peaceful wake...

How lah?


Yummies, kilos & self promo

I'm alive. And kicking. I think. Work had taken over much of my "other" free time. This thoughts-scribble is not dead, either. I do came in on an every-other-day basis. Going through of new posts from the blogs I stalked... er, sorry, followed.

Here's a quick recap.

Cindy's big day was on Saturday.

Took the Friday off.
Cheated the coming Monday. That's two unpaid leave. But it's worth while. Got to meet up with almost everyone. Yeah, the cousins. It's been so long. How much I've missed the younger days.

Cindy is very happy that night. So is everyone. There's smile, there's laughs, there's also tears. My slides got a few thumbs up. Thanks to
Cakap Melayu, and his designer. And of course, art direction and copywriting from yours truly. But I have to admit, the Chinese translation was much better. The structure. The choice of words. The whole feel of it. Zoky read it too, she's impressed. You can't really beat an experienced writer, eh? I salute you, Aunty K.

These photos are stolen from Bro. He's the photographer mah. If you are seeing this. Sorry ar, pinjam saja.

Canopy at Kek Lok Si. Art direction by me.

Sugarcane at the assam laksa stall. I think this is the only photo I shot.

The slots at Hard Rock Hotel.

Cindy. We had cupcakes for her day. This is hers.

I came back with 3 boxes of
Dau Sar Peang. One for Zoky. Two for the office. Must kasi social and networking sikit mah, right? I reported back to work and spammed everyone's mail with the yummies. And I can't miss this great opportunity of doing a little... self promo.

Let's just put it "being single and available" is ding-donging
in my mails.

The kilos? Nah, not going into details on
that few kgs I've put on.

A. Quick? Recap? Spoke too soon. And this is just a bit of it.

Be right back!


I've got hickeys

All over my body.

Near the end of my right collarbone. A few at the back, most on the right shoulder blade. One on the knee cap. One below it. One beside my birthmark, at the inner ankle. Oh, just checked, one on my head. Well hidden beneath the thin of hair at the forehead. There might be more that I haven't discover.

Why so geram lah!?

After more than a month of giving me hell, it's time to vent out.

Went to a paintball outing with the colleagues over the weekend. With a ratio of 6-to-2, where 6 is the servicings, and the 2... sad to say, my creative director and myself. They brought friends too! Which made their ratio even greater. Well, at least I got to shoot the account director. Not once. Not twice. But more than three times. I lost count. At least we didn't go down in vain.

Almost black out after the first game. What to expect? It was in the jungle. With uneven terrains. Mud. Puddle. Mosquitoes. Bugs. Ants. I smokes. I seldom exercise. I slept less than five hours the night before, after lepak-ing with Zoky at her place. I rushed to the game after a morning wake up call. Without having my breakfast first. Sigh. But the speedball was much easier. Flat, even grassland. (Seems like I don't want to admit that I'm out of shape. And weak.)

No doubt, it's as tiring as it can be, I had my fun that day.

My body is still aching from all the running, squating, hiding, et cetera.

Oh, most the hickeys had turned blue-black.


Pump & come

"How deep you pump?"

"Depends on my need lah. You know, of how dirty I am."

"I pump all the way."

"All the way ar? That's a lot wei! You sure ar?"


"I pump half only. It's more than enough."

"But it really depends on people lah. Seriously."

"Yeah. Different people, pump differently."

"Like... maybe for you, you pump a bit, come out a bit lah."

"You just pump half way. Come out 'that' much."

"Pump all the way, come out a lot lah."

"You all don't simply pump ar!"

Quotes arranged are not in timely order. But seriously, every word, every sentence sounded so
wrong. Tsk, tsk, tsk. And it was just some discussions my team were having for The Shower Foam TV spot ideas. I can't afford to missed posting this.


I'm sorry

Though the time we spent together wasn't long, but I will never forget the days. The days I nurtured you. With heat, passion, and love. I'm sorry that I didn't try hard enough. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to defend you. I'm sorry for letting go. I'm very sorry. I'm truly was.

Till the time we meet again, stay strong, and rest well, ideas.

You will be needed again.

After a long, brutal week of late nights, excessive nick & caffeine, and irregular meals, the client had shot down our ideas for
The Shower Foam TVCs. All. Four. Of. Them. They don't even stand a chance for a little expansion. Well, at least it was... merciful? Or so I heard. I didn't go for the presentation. Stayed back in the office to look after other things.

"The client, decided to go for the 5th direction."

There. Is. No. Fifth. Direction.

What's worst about this project is, the client already have something in mind. And we were not,
at the very least, properly briefed. Luckily I wasn't there. Or I would have vomit blood from the time they started telling their ideas. Should have told us earlier what they wanted all this while. Could have saved everyone's time. Their time. Our time.

I'll be going next coming Friday. Expecting to see my own blood then.

So, the brain activities for the weekend:

Friday - think of ideas.

Saturday - think of ideas.

Sunday - you guessed it, think of ideas.

Just when I needed some time off for the brain.


Random thoughts #591

All-4-One. Yes. The male R&B group.

Are they Hongkies? Why they swear by moon and the stars?

Been very busy. Will write more when I find the time. Or the time found me. Till then, give this lame self-thought a ponder. See if you understand the inside joke of it.


Project Cindy

The 60th birthday (61st for female) is regarded as an important turning point for the Chinese. A big celebration will be held to honour this person. Usually with the presence of the children, grands, and greats. To pay their respects, and to express gratitude. Sometimes, relatives and close friends of the family are also invited. Every ten years after the 60th (61st for female), is one big celebration. And is more exaggerated each.

Cindy, will be 91 this year.

Case Studies

Cindy had successfully brought up her eight children all by her own hands.
Her husband was bedridden after a mishap. Not long after, he passed on early in his 40s. The husband left with just enough for her, and the children to make it through.

Cindy never sigh at her misfortune. A nice lady. Never had a temper. And is warm towards anyone she met.

Each of the children is doing very well now. Some had withdrawn from the rat race, and enjoying their retirement fund. Some has their own business. Some are married well. Some are working just to pass time. Each of them has their own family, but the youngest daughter. They have a character of their own.

The eldest daughter, princess-like.

The eldest son, carefree.

The 2nd son, rebellious.

The 3rd son, cheekiest.

The 4th son, softest.

The 5th son, nicest.

The 2nd daughter, loudest.

The youngest daughter, imbalanced.

Extra Note: Most of her children, and grands had her nose. The grands, are all doing as well.

Creative: Create a visual presentation that accentuate the ninety one bittersweet years for her big day. Idea, or concept must be relevant to the project. Animation, visual effects, music, and sound is optional.

Data Provided: Photos of Cindy.

Format: May create few formats, for different platforms.

Deadline: 19th June 2010.

Important: Finished work must be delivered by the second week of June.

First time writing a job brief... Nah, I think I'll pass.

Cindy is my paternal grandmother.

It's just a nickname given by a cousin sister some years back; talking about the trend in Chinese naming system, eh? That cousin, is also the project manager. The celebration will be a really big one. Each one of us is given a task to be in charge of, from the time this project has initiated, to her big night. That's months of advance planning.

From tasks distribution, to looking for restaurants. Menu, to booze. Guests listing, to sourcing printers for the invitation cards. Entertainment, to photo/videography. Cindy's dinner wear, to make up. Guests transportation, to lodging. Thank you gifts, to thank you cards. Lunch buffet, to stage deco. Cake, to roasted pigs. Even red packets for guests.

Father, and a couple of his siblings will be paying the bill. And of course, with the adequate amount of alcohols included; what a celebration without them! Bro, and another cousin will be the photographer. Video, only if there is enough equipments. I was one of the MCs. And other things like showing guests their seats, stand-up comedies, et cetera. Not until later they realized, or forgot, that I'm in "design". I must be doing "something" with visuals, sound, and design.

So, here I am.

And it supposed to be the activation ideas-cracking night.


2 weeks and 6 hours later

It's the best two weeks I had in months.

The coming 6 hours after that two weeks, was even better.

Schedule. Was. Hectic.
Job reqs like brought in through a conveyor belt. The job reqs I got in my first week is more than what I get in my previous agency in couple of months. Thanks to The Energy & Petrochemical. This is not a complaint. Really. I enjoyed what I'm doing. Though I started off with just follow-up works. Slight revisions, and simple visuals. Petty stuffs, mostly. No brain juice required.

Until later.

I got two, new briefs to work on. A direct mailer for
The Energy & Petrochemical, and an activation project for The Premium Infant Formula. It wasn't "interesting" at first. But since these are new jobs, I looked at them at a different angle. Tackled them differently. The creative director gave the green light for the direct mailer ideas. Just waiting for the copy. Having a little problem with the activation. Still couldn't link the little pieces of ideas together. And my deadline is next week.

These things kept me busy. But I like this kinda pressure.

It's Friday night, my neighbour next cube asked if I have any plan. I'm a little tensed about the deadline. Need some refreshments. But sad to say, none.

Since Primary Two was away to China for an exhibition. Back next week.

Fun Size isn't allowed (?) to come out. You know by who.

, not coming out. I didn't ask.

Once a Turbo will not come out. Wifey's expecting.

Bro's too lazy to even have a drink. Since he started working. Emo and malas lah tu.

What is wrong with you all lah? It's Friday night wei!

Before I knocked off, I texted Zoky. Asking what she's doing. No reply. Must be asleep, I thought. Full of disappointment, as I tagged the door out. Went to the lift. Walked to the parking. Got in the car. Started the engine. Lit a ciggy. And drove out. Just as I was about to reach the parking booth, I got a text from her. I swerved to the side. Rang her right away.

The magic words that prompted me: "Pretty bored.

Floored to her apartment.
It's been almost a month since we saw each other. Yeah, the usual. Catching-ups and stuffs. My works. Her works. Made fun at a Chinese movie on TV. Had some smokes. Ate her nicely sliced cucumber. Snapshot her with it on her eyes. Then, off we went to the mamak. One limau panas, one cham ais, and one teh ais later, we went jalan-jalan in her car.

She brought me near her work place. Showed me around the port. And things I don't expect to see everyday. And have a brief walk along the cape.
We "trespassed" into a ship structure. Continued to chit chat on the deck, while inhaling that little sea breeze. Time really passes. As we were on the way back to her place, she felt the urge to munch something. We again, dropped by at another mamak. Shared a plate of kuey teow goreng. Before I see her back to her apartment.

I truly enjoyed every second of it. And I'm still as dreamy.