A small bit of China

Zoky was supposed to go with the then-boyfriend.

They broke up not too long ago. It's non-refundable. Needed a replacement on the queen. Yeah, how you all wished. She later changed the rooms to twins.

One photo a day for the five days I'm there.

Backyard garden of a once corrupted mandarin.

Bistros and pubs at Shanghai.

Wuzhen. An ancient water village.

Wuzhen at dawn. Traditional wedding exhibitions.

An alley at Hangzhou.

I'm back a happy man.

And don't ask. Nothing happened.


A simple nod

"I have not pay the balance to the valuer, you say!?"

When the property valuer were asking for a payment, not once I have missed a call. The bank is rushing them for reports. They are doing a job. Which is fine with me. I paid, and sent a copy of the bank draft. And thank you for reminding me for a report done. I paid, and again, I sent a copy together with the earlier draft.

That was two weeks ago.

Not once I get a ring / text / email / snail mail / pigeon mail / Morse code / smoke signal if they got it. Not once on both payments. Not. Fucking. Once.

Since the figure was discussed over the phone, there is no black and white. I clearly stated in the mail to confirm the deposit and balance. Nada. Till the bank called today. I forwarded the bank drafts right after. And begin a series of complaints to the valuer. Kena fuck kau-kau lah this valuer girl.

She texted later at night for my postal address. Also sent the same message to my mail. Thank you. Thank you so fucking much for waking up.

I really appreciate any, I say, any kind of acknowledgements.

Just a simple nod to make the world smile.



With much enthusiasms, I reached slightly over 12.

Unfortunately, I left my tags at home.

For over an hour I was at a kopitiam, armed with my Tissot Classic and boredom. Saw a red. Peeping through a sheer white dress. Cheek length. Somewhat perky. Almost an upskirt.

For the next eight or so hours, I was alternating between my desk and the studio artist's. Checking the visuals. At times, adjusting it on my own. Facebook. Facebook. And more Facebook. Somewhere in between, Since Primary Two tempted me with a Klang seafood suggestion. How I wished I could leave early.

Ended the day with a long awaited, overly priced bak kut teh - client's bill.

That's my Sunday. My beautiful Sunday.