Tied for life

The last I wore a tie was nearly ten years ago.

Thursday was the Wear-a-Tie day. A theme that Shades came up with the B2B's associate director during one late-afternoon-beer session. It must have been the beers; look at what they can do to you.

We are to wear a business suit, or at least, shirt and tie.

Why can't we have an Adam-&-Eve, or Lingerie-Nightie day? That would really boost up the morale. Or hormone. Whichever you prefers. How about As-If-We-Are-At-Work day? Or I'm-Actually-At-My-Desk-But-You-Can't-See-Me day? Lullaby day would be great too - wearing pyjamas or boxers. Can you imagine how comfy is that from the air sipping in under your balls boxers? I'm tingling just by having that thought.

I was searching for them at home, but found Father's collection instead. Those with wide end type. Just nice for a retro look. What surprised me was, I still know how to wear them. Even at the back of my head. It wasn't perfect on the first try, but the steps are in correct order.

I did a dimpled Windsor knot.

The wardrobe-disaster-that-got-me-a-3rd-place list:
Purple tie with diagonal pink stripes, from Suave.
Neutral beige shirt with vertical light blue stripes, from Arrow Mitoga.
Watch, from Citizen.
Coffee brown pants, from Padini Authentics.
Black & white shoes, from Converse.

Hope no one is jealous of my wardrobe choice comes 5 o'clock when the building management switches off the centralized air-cond.

More themes are in the planning now.

Wearing a tie is just like fishing - once you've learned how to do it, you can do it for the rest of your life. What say you?


  1. Wearing sense is no fashion sense,fashion sense you go with the trend,wearing sense you make me go like,,,"man you got taste lah" that's why i don't buy famous branded stuff,,, everyone seems to be wearign LVs,,, i prefer Hermes,, hahah

    have a great weekend

  2. Your wardrobe disaster got u 3rd place out of how many? You should suggest the theme mentioned to your management. Who knows, they might approve your theme.

  3. eugene,

    Agree with you. Brands are just normal stuffs made popular by advertising.

  4. Sexy Jessie,

    There are 18 of us that actually go along with the theme. I'm tied with to 2 other colleagues at 3rd.

    About the coming themes, in the midst of thinking for some. Not as impractical like I've mentioned in my post. ;)

  5. I was reading them lines right when you started to talk about em balls i mean boxers, then you continued talking about your daddy's collection with 'wide end type'.. I was imagining... nevermind you dont wanna know what I had in my mind...

    brain cleansing brain cleansing...

  6. Dots,

    Haha! Good start of the day, eh? But do tell. I wouldn't mind. ;)

  7. That's such a wide tie - no wonder you had to tie a windsor knot .