Milk poisoning, petrol intoxication

It's always been you two.

What about
The Bank? What about The Credit Card? Not to forget The Soft Drink. Juice. Ice-cream. Yogurt. Have I left out The Toothbrush? The Toothpaste? The Shower Foam? And The Hair Gel?

The Cosmetic? The Car? The Cinema? The Apartment? The Trade Agency? How I had wished...

Milk. Petrol. Milk... petrol... you've been occupying most of my time.

Don't I wish to queue in a bank too? Or online banking like everyone else? I swipe cards. I wouldn't mind having diabetic soft drinks every now and then. Or engulf in the artificial
freshness of a juice. Oh, that rich and creamy ice-cream. That taste buds stimulating yogurt. You only live once. I sleep with minty breath. And wake up still smelling like a baby. I do my hair if I'm out.

I wouldn't mind a little lip balm. I like cars. I love cars. Look at what I did to Slow White Poke. I enjoy watching movies on a big screen. If I'm with someone I'm fond of. I dream of resting my feet on a coffee table in studio suite. On a non working day. Trading? That would come in handy one day.

So, get out of the way. Don't jammed me up.

It's time to milk the petrol dry. And loose guard patrolling the dairy.

Yeah. Just back from work. At least I
managed to sneak out for dinner and a couple of beers with Zoky earlier.

Good night, and good morning, people.

Whichever deem fits.

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