In Order of Appearance

This very special page, is dedicated to those exciting people who have appeared throughout in this thoughts-scribbling blog. The usual suspects. The casts. The extras. Without any of them, my other half of the tale wouldn't be interesting enough to worth a pen.

I bold most of them. If not all. I've added a wee little details of them.

That's a bonus.

• • • • • • • • • •

Fun Size
A bro's new flame. She's short, she's petite, she's skinny. Security still check her IC at the casino. And she pay less for Converse shoes. Kids size that is. Yeah, she is that short, that petite, that skinny. Let's just put it she looked like a malnutrition child. Giving her "Short", is insulting. She first appeared in my post about age & candles on birthdays.

Got to know an ex girl through her. A very close friend of hers. One of the syllable is in her real name. She loves banana too. She asked if I've fully let my ex go. No doubt.

Since Primary Two
We knew each other since then. Got close in Form 1. And were bros ever since. We've been through all ups and downs. Tears and blood. I can say we basically grew up together. How many years was that? We lost count. Fun Size is his flame now. I got my ATM card stuck once. He paid for my shocks that day. That panicking day.

Her - a recent ex. She was in my first time.

Once a Turbo
Knew him since Form 4. The first in the gang who did a conversion - a rally-spec turbo engine, into his '82 Ford Laser. Nickname: Jaqueline, codename: Sampan. The power-to-weight ratio in that old metal is scaring fast. He drives auto now. Ironic, eh? Expecting a comeback soon. He was one of the first to arrive when Bro crashed the Wira.

Bro - Do I need to say more? My brother lah! Yeah. He crashed my Wira.

Talks a lot, but walks the talk. Since Primary Two's cousin. He's an editor for a famous car tuning magazine. Unlimited knowledge of cars, and the networks he had within the adrenaline pumping industry. He was in the car with Bro when they crashed.

A close friend that I'm very fond of. She's all over my scribbles.

An ex partner of mine. He calls me "buddy". I call him "buddy". Prior to being a copywriter, was in insurance. One talented guy. Besides writings, he make pizzas. He sent a tiger-oranges over just before the Chinese New Year.

Mother & Father - Me folks. They rented out a room to a couple long, long time ago.

Cousin sister. Was brought up here. She's like a part of the family - a daughter, and sister to us. There are times I'm her chauffeur, sending her here and there.

Cakap Melayu
A long time friend. From the East. He only speaks Hokkien, Mandarin, and Malay. I only speaks, English, Cantonese, and Malay. Cross those out, what's left? Gave him a brief for Cindy's birthday.

Aunty K
A well-respected, motherly figure in the agency. She wrote the Chinese for Cindy's birthday.

Total Opposite
Fun Size elder sister. As the name suggests, she's a total opposite of Fun Size.

The irony thing is, she's loud! She bumped into Zoky once.

My first, real mentor. He's always in shades.

More Than a Cycle
Another writer-partner of mine. A cycle in the Chinese calendar is 12 years. He's 13 my senior. We were stuck once at a brief for few days.

A friend of Diam-Diam. She looked like one when she's drunk. And of course, she's into charity and welfare.

Pilot 4+2
Were bros since the start of Secondary. He's the FFK King in the group, hence the name. He's into both cars & bikes. He was with Since Primary Two when they teaches me to ride the bicycle.

• • • • • • • • • •

Gonna update this list one small bit at a time. Come check in from time to time. Or just spam me if I left this idle for too long.

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