Mothers, and their worries

"Eh, you know your dad has a friend..."

"Uh huh..."

"Her daughter also works in advertising around [area], doing quite well..."

"Uh huh...?"

"30. Not seeing anyone..."

I knew where this is going!

"... (took me a while) and then...?"

"Maybe can intro her to you!"

I just ignored and continue staring at the TV, then into blank space.

Mother! I'm not that old. Most importantly, I am a guy.

Just because I was admiring the beauties in "Take Me Out Malaysia"?

Okay, okay... my bad...

Happy new year, people.


Most likely abused


A powerful gesture since Facebook. But of late, I've noticed people who abused the term. Given the same scenario, what if I would to put a line-breaker in between my posts?

"Like this to continue reading."?

Yup. I heard someone's yelling, "Bullshit!" on the other end. That's exactly my reaction when I encountered these websites.

What fuck now? Are you forcing us to "like" it to continue? What you gained from all the "Likes"? So what if the first half of the tease is interesting? That's not how it works. Let us read it first. Then we decide.

I'll "Like", if I liked it.

So, to those admin/moderators of such sites,


Hat Yai mix

No, it's not a drink.


Crowd at the temple.

Lovebirds overseeing the horizon, near the bottom of the temple.

Laem Samila beach, Songkhla.

Near dusk at the Floating Market.

Back. With mixed feeling.


Rare sighting

It's been a while since we stroll to the other side for lunch.

This is what we saw on the way to the food court.

With an empty display like this, it better comes with an explanation,


Not sure what's going on, but I guess it's some kind of a Stand-a-Chance-to-Win-All-These-If-You-Spent-More-Than-RM-[Insert Amount Here] promo that they did recently?

How often retailers would actually be bold enough not to have anything up at their display? Not too many.
Definitely an eye-catcher.

But what kinda name is that? Candle!?

She's into wax-dripping?