The "should have" moment

Just as I about to swerve in the entrance ramp to the parking today, a black mini MPV in front of me stopped. A well-dressed woman in lilac got down. What? Wait. You planning to dock just right here?

I gave her a polite honk. She then walked towards me. She gave me that disgusted look you only see in certain kind/type of people.

"Awak block parking... (before I could continue)"

"Lah, sabar lah, aduh!"

Then her car moved!

Oh! Okay... the passenger switched place from the inside. The fuck I know ar!? Your car was almost illegally tinted. You got down from the driver's side. There was about 20 feet to my car. The time it took you to come over to blurted out the "sabar" thingy, would have taken you enough time to indicate someone is in there, and was about to leave. Signal lights don't come optional with the purchase of the car.

I understand that sabar is separuh dari iman. Or whatever you wanna put it. The look on your pathetic face isn't sabar as well.

I should have screw the fuck out of her then.

Yeah. That moment.

Good start of the day.

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