Two walls drilled

I promised Diam-Diam a favour to put up a shelf at her place last weekend. As I have all the necessary tools. Electric drill. Hammer. Screwdriver. Et cetera.

We I missed it. Was out straight after work till the wee hours the night before, and I forgot to switch on the ringer before I hit the bed. It was still on silent when I woke up in the noon with 3 missed calls from her. So, try to make it up to her later. She asked earlier midweek when I'll be going over.

I posted on her wall instead.

Shelf's up yesterday. She treated me a KFC meal before we start work. Need some strength also mah. And 2 cups of ice-chilled green tea to go along with my drilling. I'm satisfied with my workmanship. But she's so fussy lah. Banyak complain.

What you expect from IKEA?


  1. Free parking with any purchase .....eventhough a full refund 30 days...

    Tips: If you are a ikea fan, make sure you buy something small for ' refund' during your every visit and be entitled for free parking . Lol.

  2. Winn,

    So that's the 'loopholes' lah~! Haha. Will keep that in mind!