Mobile shrine

Life-threatening closer shot. *shiver*

Another league of drivers which I'm not into.

It looked like a portal into a shrine somewhere deep in the forest of an unknown location in Japan. I can almost feel its sucking force. So intense, I'm seeing a kimono-clad lady waving one side of her geta, whispering itadakimasu. Soft, and yet, passionately husky. I dare not venture any closer.

But can it withstand a tsunami or an atomic bomb like these below?

Alpha Press

National Archives and Records Administration

And I'm just being sarcastic.


I kern do this

Even I... didn't get a perfect score...

First try, no cheat.

That's embarrassing.

With marks like that, typographers would choke in their saliva laughing.

Kerning is the adjustment of space between individual letters. Though most programs that deal with fonts come with auto-kerning, I still rebelliously adjust them manually. This is to achieve a better... okay, okay... I'm just anal... result. Especially to headlines.

There is only 1 formula for kerning. Your eyes.

No, I'm serious.

Give it a try. A good practice for the future if you are making a self promo ad, and the like. Coincidentally, you can also hire a freelance* designer to do it for you.

So, kern you?

*freelance does not mean free



Late, heavy lunch. Skipped dinner. Came home after midnight. Was hungry. Mother cooked. Kitchen smelt funny. So is the char kuey teow. Spat on my first bite. Kerang turned bad. Lost me appetite.

And no, there's nothing wrong with the title.

I'm hungry. I'm angry.


It was unplanned for


When's the last time we spoke?

When's the last time we seen each other?

Two, three years? Yeah, it was that long ago.

It started like any other chat in MSN. One thing led to another, and we are on a trip coming mid December. Same room, different bed. Only to be separated by a feet-wide lamp table.

With who you asked?

My ex.

Not gonna explain.

I'll leave the imagination to you.


Driving in Malaysia #432

You'll be getting constant high beams for driving anything more than a paper thick behind any vehicle.

Kiss the car in front if you may.


Gnawed socks

Some months ago, Zoky asked if I wanna tag along her trip back to the hometown. I've never been to Ipoh. Why not? She offered her room. Why not!

Nothing happen, really.

Defendant 1, Ah Wong.

What's a trip without going around town and devouring the local food?

The other time was spent at her house. What interests me the most are her two dogs. They are not "special" breed, but well-groomed and clean. They smells good too. I spent hours playing with them while she's doing her housework. On both days.

Later in the evening, as we were about to leave for jalan-jalan, my socks were missing. Eh? Is that a piece of cloth at the gate? Where this soggy thing came from? It wasn't there when we arrived.

I went for a closer inspection...

Defendant 2, Yoyo.

It was one side of my socks! I looked around and found the other. As soggy. As dirty. She forgot to warn me of her dogs' habit of "attacking" strangers' footwear. Tell lah earlier!

In the case of Birthmark v. Ah Wong and Yoyo, I find the defendants, not guilty.

How can you be mad at the two siblings? Look at those innocent eyes! Especially Yoyo's. One less pair of socks, and a missing Adidas label later, I came home with a big smile.

I miss massaging Yoyo's face. She wouldn't let me stop. She would paw me when I did.

Yeah. I really miss them.