Bad high

Did I mention in my previous post that Zoky was sick?

She's on medication. Which made her a little slow and blur. I relate to her my own experience the last time I got sick.

I was having flu during the end of a course.

Had my scheduled meds, before I left the office for the graduation night. Everyone was there. Creative directors. Course organizers. Medias. And other invited guests. Among others, beers and cocktails were served. I was announced the top student. I received my award. But I'm not... happy? Being too blur to be happy. Few coursemates noticed. Told them it's the fever I had.

Should have limit myself to just soft drinks.

That night
, I had panic attack. I was in a delusional state. The sudden fear was unbearable. I soaked myself from tears, and sweat to sleep. Thought it's the meds I had. I stopped taking them the next coming days.

Day one, I stopped taking the cough syrup. I'm high.

Day two, put the fever pills aside. Still high.

Day three, threw the antibiotics away. No difference at all.

I am still as high as ever.

Despite that, I went to work.
But I couldn't focus. Stared blankly at my iMac for hours. Unable to think, even for the simplest design. One late night as I was driving back from work, I had... short term memory loss? There's a stretch of ten, fifteen minutes of driving that I'm not aware I had passed. Huh? Eh? Since when I'm already here!?

I'm getting worried.

Since Primary Two called for an outing to freshen up. The coming weekend, we went for a movie. Fun Size, and her sister, Total Opposite, came along. I seriously not sure what is going on.
I only remembered some of the scenes. And the screen was too big for me to handle. My head was spinning throughout the whole length. It continued to spin at the mamak after.

I told Buddy. At that time, it was during the first wave of the H1N1. Hospitals, and clinics began to stocked up with stronger dosage of flu medicines. Or so he heard.

It carried on
for a good week, or two.

It was that bad.

That was a different kinda high. Seriously scary.


  1. Hi there! Thank you for dropping by my blog and commenting on my post :)

    Sorry to hear about your situation, hope you get well soon. Take care.

  2. Rose,
    That was a year ago. I'm way better now. ;)