Shoes on air


Closer shot.

Shot this during lunch the other day.

The newspaper was pasted on the glass, as if the shoes was floating with it. Clever, eh? From what I've gathered, CLIMACOOL® was about ventilation. Being light, is adding another layer of idea to it - which is enough to impress the end users.

As a creative, I would go back to the drawing board and stick to "ventilation". For now.


We got lucky

We were invited for The Cinema's anniversary party.

As I'm the creative who did the anniversary video and other collateral, I got an invitation too.

What else you expect from a party like these? Buffet. Alcohols. Well, they are a cinema chain, premiere screening, of course. And lucky draw.

Of all the media / business partners that were invited that night, we were really lucky. As much as I wished, it's not scoring-a-night-with-the-lady-you've-been-eyeing-the-whole-night kinda lucky.

We were the only company that got picked more than once in the lucky draw. The suit that deals directly with this client was one. Nothing too great. Just gold class tix of any movie for two. And I'm sure you know who's the other lucky one.

I have till end of November to claim them.

What's nice coming up?



I prefer my drinks and food to be of heavier, stronger taste.

If instant coffee is the only choice, it never taste any better with just a 3-in-1.

Can I say I'm a man of taste? Haha...


He made my day




Stop right there.

Him! Ab... Abroko?

How can you not laugh at that Beatles' trim? That squinted, high-on-weeds eyes? And that matching goatee back in the late 90s? He made a spot there recently. A very good morning booster, I must admit.

And sorry to disappoint. This is not a straight-guy-turn-bent post.


Dumbstruck silly

This is just another one of those I-can't get-myself-to-sleep-and-my-mind-started-to-wander-off-to-recent-happenings post.

My producer showed me something she bought... I think I should rephrase this... was pestered by her kids to get the other day.

Two packs of it. 20-odd bucks each.

What the fuck are those!? Parents! Can shed me some lights here?

It's just coloured rubber bands! With angles! Well, okay... the only cool thing about this rubber is that it goes back to the original shape when it's taken off from the wrist, or any other body parts in that matter. But what warrants them for selling it that much? Raw latex as a commodity are traded fairly in the market. How much R&D is involved? And it's not even a rare material. Like, like, I don't know... uranium? Plutonium? Hope these words don't bring the FBIs / CIAs at my doorway in the morning.

What is even more ridiculous is the pack that comes with a Marvel's, yes, the comic giant brand stamp, is more expensive by another 2 freaking bucks!

These people are seriously making money from children.

Yes. She's pissed too.



Got a call from The Hexagon today, trying to sell their credit cards.

If I remember, Lizzy wrote something similar before. Are you here? Hello?... Anyway, how do you handle them? The telemarketers? But whatever your way is, be gentle to them if they are not rude. They are merely doing their job.

My replies to them revolves around these variance,

Being nice,

"I'm not interested."

Being annoyed. If they're too persistent pushy,

"I'm. Not. Interested."

A half-lie,

"One of your colleague called me [insert period of date / time] ago. Please refer to him / her."

The truth,

"I'm not comfy in doing any sales through the phone. If I'm interested, I'll walk straight to the counter myself."

And, an experience,

"Wait, wait, wait. Before you go any further, I want you to know I was once in telesales before. I know how all these work... I'm not interested. But thanks for the effort."

Yes. I was one before.

More to come.


We, darlings

"Eh, you know Fun Size is angry every time you call me "darling" ar? Fucking dumb, man!"

HAhAhAhAhAhA... She don't understand how bros are we lah. If she don't like, I'll cut it off lor."

"Not in front of her lah. Some people don't understand the love between buddies. Some more, it's coming from you wei... not a girl!"

"If it's from a girl even worst, right?"

"If girls straight kena fuck 'dy. HHAhAHAh. Yay! Girl fight, girl fight! HAhAHAhAhAhA. Anyway, sending my daughter home. Catch ya later, darling!"

We lost count.

Unless we do some math. 23 years, and counting. Twenty three effing years. I knew Since Primary Two since primary two... duh!
That explains the name.

I'm not gonna repeat what others had said. If a buddy never gone through things with you, you still have a long, long way to brave. But just to let you have some concepts to grasp of how bros are we - we call each other that. Not in a gay way, but... yeah. Up to a point it annoys you-know-who.

For another 23 years to come.

If we have that long to live.

I love you, darling.