"It's Me!"

When you got a call from an apparent friend, who never contacted you in years, it could only be one of the variation below:

1. To sell.

2. To borrow.

3. (Just) to catch up.

To sell - Most of these apparent friends are in this group. They come in a form of a sales(wo)man, agent, a member of the said-company-that-produced-the-item-that-s/he's-about-to-sell-you, and the like. The products are usually MLM-related, insurance or fund, and financial-related.

To borrow - Relatives dominated this group. You may or may not heard, or seen them before. Never visit your home, let alone stepping an inch at your front door. The only thing that these group of people borrow is money.

(Just) to catch up - An urban legend.

By now, you should have guessed I got a call from one of these friends.

"Hey, Birthmark!"


"It's [Me]."

"[Me] who?"

"[Me Myself] lah, from Old School Art College."

"[Me Myself]?... (I thought for a while) Oh!... Hey, what's up?"

"Make yourself free on [date]. Having my wedding dinner reception then."

"I'm not sure if I can attend."

Can't commit. I'm an adman. Remember?

"Are you free next week?"

"Not on weekdays. Weekends should be fine."

"We'll meet up then. I'll pass you the invitation. But anyway, if you can't make it next week it's okay. But on my day, you must come! Try your best, okay?"

"Well, I'll try."

"No more friendship if you didn't show up!"

He's joking. Just to make the conversation warmer and friendlier. Some quick seconds before we hang up.

The last I seen him was back at my college day. That was almost ten years ago. We briefly met up after that for some drinks along with other friends. How many times was that? Not even a handful. Fingerful, if this term exist. And that was it. We never met or call each other after that. Not even chatting online. Only recently he found me in The Social Network.

Since when he got an English name ar? Look at how distant are we.

We refer the wedding invitation as The Red Bomb. It comes in a red envelope mah. Even if it's a no-show, we are to pay a discounted rate. Half from the market price. If you decide to bring a partner (strongly not recommended), doubled.

The Red Bomb are given to (all) relatives of both side of the bride and groom. Compulsory. The handful of friends who you hang out with. Colleagues who you work directly with. "Friends" here I refer to as those you see almost every other day - the bros and sis, the close ones. Colleagues are optional.

Which one I'm in again?

After years of silence, called me in the middle of my brain juicing moment and expect me to nod?

Would putting him into the To Sell group appropriate?

And I'm not going.


  1. Hey,thank you for your birthday wishes, truly appreciate it...

  2. ...and ...you didnt even say Congratulations!!!

  3. Winn,

    Hey. Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, and no. As a matter of fact, I did early of the year when we added each other up in Facebook. This time 'round, no. ;)

  4. i would have this should-i-mourn-or-should-i-be-happy moment if an old friend suddenly reappear in my life. suspiciously they have something in mind when they decided to recontact you again right?

  5. Dot,

    Sadly, this was the case. Never once a long lost call me up just wanna catch up.

    Or I would rewrite this post. ;)