Yummies, kilos & self promo

I'm alive. And kicking. I think. Work had taken over much of my "other" free time. This thoughts-scribble is not dead, either. I do came in on an every-other-day basis. Going through of new posts from the blogs I stalked... er, sorry, followed.

Here's a quick recap.

Cindy's big day was on Saturday.

Took the Friday off.
Cheated the coming Monday. That's two unpaid leave. But it's worth while. Got to meet up with almost everyone. Yeah, the cousins. It's been so long. How much I've missed the younger days.

Cindy is very happy that night. So is everyone. There's smile, there's laughs, there's also tears. My slides got a few thumbs up. Thanks to
Cakap Melayu, and his designer. And of course, art direction and copywriting from yours truly. But I have to admit, the Chinese translation was much better. The structure. The choice of words. The whole feel of it. Zoky read it too, she's impressed. You can't really beat an experienced writer, eh? I salute you, Aunty K.

These photos are stolen from Bro. He's the photographer mah. If you are seeing this. Sorry ar, pinjam saja.

Canopy at Kek Lok Si. Art direction by me.

Sugarcane at the assam laksa stall. I think this is the only photo I shot.

The slots at Hard Rock Hotel.

Cindy. We had cupcakes for her day. This is hers.

I came back with 3 boxes of
Dau Sar Peang. One for Zoky. Two for the office. Must kasi social and networking sikit mah, right? I reported back to work and spammed everyone's mail with the yummies. And I can't miss this great opportunity of doing a little... self promo.

Let's just put it "being single and available" is ding-donging
in my mails.

The kilos? Nah, not going into details on
that few kgs I've put on.

A. Quick? Recap? Spoke too soon. And this is just a bit of it.

Be right back!


  1. Penang is a good place to live... No other like it ;)

  2. Lizzy,

    Yeah! I'll go back whenever there's chance. The food! Oh my. Well, a lot has changed in this 10, 20 years, don't you think?