How I looked like

Elbows resting on my knees.

Chin inches away from the desk.

Palming my ears. Then my cheeks (not butts).

Found my mouth and nose.

Staring deep on pieces of recycled A4's.

Tracing the scribbles with my puffy eyes.

Penned with a black Artline 0.4, some in green.

That's me, mostly of today.

Fuck! I can't think of anything. Anything good, that is. Wasted the whole morning brainstorming for nothing with More Than a Cycle. Did I mention we wasted the whole afternoon too? I don't even want to go back to last week's. The more we storm the brain, the more we serong away from the brief. Sigh.

When's the deadline you asked? Coming Monday.

But when's the internal review? Technically, it's later today. Since I just got back from work and still awake at this odd hours, it's... "tomorrow", end of day.

Digging a 6-feet hole before hitting the bed.


This is a bonus

What is it with people and their bonuses?

An ex colleague recently asked if I've got my bonus already. I frankly told him, bonus isn't a promise. Ad industry isn't doing too good lately. Retrenchment is still ongoing. Accounts are leaving. Agencies are pitching for new clients non stop. "New" staffs are doing contract. Worst, freelancing. It's lucky to even keep a job now.

Even when the time was better, I don't care if I have bonus or not. What I look for in a company isn't just a paycheck, or bonus. But what the company can provide me in 1, 5, 10 years time. Or more. Will there be rooms for me to grow within? Will there be plenty of opportunities given? The welfare. The prospects. The career.

Good for you if you got it. But don't rant if you don't.

I knew people who rather stay on for a couple more months just for that one-month-or-less bonus even when opportunities landed on their hands! People! Seriously!? Just for that extra one, bloody month of bonus?

*headpalm* (macam tak cukup...)




"Welcome", in the language of the Amis people of Taiwan.

This trip wasn't plan. Zoky's friend was going for honeymoon. They asked her and few friends & family to tag along. She in turn asked us. I don't even have an itinerary of the trip till the third day I'm there. I can't read Chinese. Or speak fluently in that matter. Which make this trip even more... interesting.

Well, at least for me.

The lowest temperature being at 5 degree. It wasn't that bad if it's not because of the rain and wind. Three layers for outing. Two layers for sleep, with the heater on. Overall, I like it here. Good mixture of city, nature, people, culture, and food. I will be back for sure.

As usual, one photo each day to sums up seven days of the cold and warm of Taiwan. The cold temperature. And the warm people.

Taken with the Nikon D700, Tamron 35-105mm & Tamron 70-300mm lens.

Teapots. Taoyuan Night Market.

The faces at Jiufen.

Mountainous route. Suhua Scenic Road.

The V's. Dream Shopping Mall.

The Lover Tree.
Alishan Forest Reserve.

Nighfall at Taipei 101.

Where's the 7th? The last day was at the airport
lah. Nothing interesting there.

And you're Naruwan. *wink*


Random thoughts #651

Bad hair day.

It's all in your mind, really. If someone actually come up to and say your hair look bad, it's
really bad. Otherwise, let it go.

Will be away for a while. Till then, give this a ponder.


New Year's Resolution

My resolution for this year will be like last year,

1920 by 1080 pixels at home, 1280 by 960 pixels at work!



Hello, [Your Name]!

Banana asked my opinion for an English name she's adopting.

Before I give my take on it, I asked her back,

"Do you like that name?"

Let's just say she wanted people to "agree" with her choice.

I've known her as [Her Name]. I've been calling her that ever since. It won't be [Her English Name] the next time I see her. I didn't ask, but was wondering why she wants an English name for? For us friends? Or that handful of new people that she's going to meet in the future?

What is so special about having a foreign name? Even Malays and Indians have picked up this trend. I was given an English name at birth. And no, I'm not Christian. It is in all my identification documents. Lots of confusions to people that deals with forms, cheques, air tickets, "Name as in IC", "First Name / Last Name".

Whatever your name is, it gives people an impression of "I am who I am". Even it is the same to the friends of the person you are introducing the name to.

A name has an identity of its own.

To adopt a foreign name, tweaking the syllables of your actual name would be nice and relevant.