Project Cindy

The 60th birthday (61st for female) is regarded as an important turning point for the Chinese. A big celebration will be held to honour this person. Usually with the presence of the children, grands, and greats. To pay their respects, and to express gratitude. Sometimes, relatives and close friends of the family are also invited. Every ten years after the 60th (61st for female), is one big celebration. And is more exaggerated each.

Cindy, will be 91 this year.

Case Studies

Cindy had successfully brought up her eight children all by her own hands.
Her husband was bedridden after a mishap. Not long after, he passed on early in his 40s. The husband left with just enough for her, and the children to make it through.

Cindy never sigh at her misfortune. A nice lady. Never had a temper. And is warm towards anyone she met.

Each of the children is doing very well now. Some had withdrawn from the rat race, and enjoying their retirement fund. Some has their own business. Some are married well. Some are working just to pass time. Each of them has their own family, but the youngest daughter. They have a character of their own.

The eldest daughter, princess-like.

The eldest son, carefree.

The 2nd son, rebellious.

The 3rd son, cheekiest.

The 4th son, softest.

The 5th son, nicest.

The 2nd daughter, loudest.

The youngest daughter, imbalanced.

Extra Note: Most of her children, and grands had her nose. The grands, are all doing as well.

Creative: Create a visual presentation that accentuate the ninety one bittersweet years for her big day. Idea, or concept must be relevant to the project. Animation, visual effects, music, and sound is optional.

Data Provided: Photos of Cindy.

Format: May create few formats, for different platforms.

Deadline: 19th June 2010.

Important: Finished work must be delivered by the second week of June.

First time writing a job brief... Nah, I think I'll pass.

Cindy is my paternal grandmother.

It's just a nickname given by a cousin sister some years back; talking about the trend in Chinese naming system, eh? That cousin, is also the project manager. The celebration will be a really big one. Each one of us is given a task to be in charge of, from the time this project has initiated, to her big night. That's months of advance planning.

From tasks distribution, to looking for restaurants. Menu, to booze. Guests listing, to sourcing printers for the invitation cards. Entertainment, to photo/videography. Cindy's dinner wear, to make up. Guests transportation, to lodging. Thank you gifts, to thank you cards. Lunch buffet, to stage deco. Cake, to roasted pigs. Even red packets for guests.

Father, and a couple of his siblings will be paying the bill. And of course, with the adequate amount of alcohols included; what a celebration without them! Bro, and another cousin will be the photographer. Video, only if there is enough equipments. I was one of the MCs. And other things like showing guests their seats, stand-up comedies, et cetera. Not until later they realized, or forgot, that I'm in "design". I must be doing "something" with visuals, sound, and design.

So, here I am.

And it supposed to be the activation ideas-cracking night.


  1. BM: wow! this sounds like a really big do that calls for the involvement of a dedicated project manager!!Give your grandma a big hug from me. Hitting 91 and single-handedly bringing up a family is no easy feat. Her children and her grandchildren and great-grands are truly blessed to have her as their Mother/ Gran/ GGran.

  2. Grand celebrations with big families can be really fun!
    Best birthday wishes to your granny. :)

  3. Andrea, Lizzy - Thanks, guys!