Alarm. Alarming. Alarmed.

I have trouble getting up for work every morning. I'm already using the most irritating MP3 (of the small list of songs) as my ring tone now. And still, my thumb and the snooze button is inseparable. Like Romeo & Juliet. Teh & tarik. Pop & corn. Coco & nut. You jump, I jump. You bunyi, I tekan.

I'll just sleep it off until later Father literally scream at me. "Late to work" is not in my dictionary. We are "always on time" regardless of what time we tag in. For the millionth times, I've stressed this out to him.
Unless, there's a meeting. Unless, there's a presentation. Then, I'm late.

If I'm not working, I don't really have much problem waking up.
Even if I had late outing the night before. Also depending if I'm meeting someone special that day. Or, I'll be going for a trip. Or, having fun, simply. I will be fully alert with just the first snooze. Most of the time.

It's. Just. Work.

Why lah?

I've tried different ways.

Bought an alarm clock. The cheap, pasar malam kind lah. As an extra alongside my phone. My thumb and fingers are too heavy for that. Now, it is just lying shyly at one corner. With batteries so dead, it's vomiting acid.

Changes the ring tone regularly. It works! Only for a while. Eventually the bond of the thumb and snooze gets stronger. Day by day. How many annoying songs do I need to save it in?

Tried putting the phone far, far away. Nah, I'll drop more dead for being pissed getting up to shut the alarm in the first place.

Maybe I've got too used to it. Maybe age is catching up. Sleeping early doesn't work either. Even if I have the privilege to do so. Sometimes I would wake up later and wondering why didn't the alarm went on? Eh? It did? I swear I couldn't hear it.

Phone calls work. Am I expecting something? Or someone? But I can't rely on calls all the time.

I'm still half awake when I reached work on Monday. Blues lah. So, I'm taking my sweet time to power up the Mac. Logged in my mail. Opened up my favourite bookmarks. Just when I was about have my first morning sip of the coffee...

"Birthmark. Birthmark? Birthmark!" Increasing ring is on.

Wow! I am so awake!

The worst thing you could hear in the morning is your suit calling out your name. Not just any suit, but
this suit. My guess, revisions again. Well, at least I've solved Monday's. Now... should I, or should I not record his voice as my ring tone?

But I prefer a peaceful wake...

How lah?


  1. I have that problem. In school, I used to have 3 alarm clocks placed at different parts of my room. Now, my phone has a barrage of different alarm clocks set to go off one after another. :P

  2. Lizzy,

    Does it solve your waking problem? I have different alarms set too, but still...

  3. My sister used to have the same problem like you. I remember her having as many as 3 alarm clocks once and she still sleeps through all of them. The only way she would wake up is when she is physically shaken by my mother or someone. One day she got a dog for her birthday. The dog slept outside her door. Every morning, at the sound of the alarm, the dog will run to look for someone to open the bedroom door. He will then jump on my sister's bed and licked her face until she wakes up. That was the best alarm clock she ever had. *LOL*

  4. Andrea,
    Dog is expensive to keep leh. Does pet tortoise works? Sis have 3...