Irony #489

Went on a road I seldom use yesterday.

And the prize for that rarity?
Punctured my tyre.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a luck.

Had an outing with Bro and the gang. We went for a movie. And left after some drinks and Siam Poker at the mamak. It was almost 3am. Drizzling. Bro suggested to use a different road. I seldom got on that road. As I don't need to. Just a handful of times a year. It seems further to me.

I... didn't want to at first.

15 minutes into the journey, we passed a crashed car in flame. Damn! It was huge. Slowed down. And maneuvered my way through the broken pieces. I think I went on some of the larger ones. We saw what it seems to be the driver. He is still around the car! What the fuck is he thinking!? Get the fuck away!

Moments later, we heard loud, constant knocks on my car. It was on my side. We stopped to checked not far from the scene. There was something stuck to the tyre. Must be the broken pieces. Cars were zooming passed. So, we decided to stopped further. Just as we left, the flaming car burst. Even with the knocks in tune, we heard that.

We slowly made our way to a bus stop.

Just then, I remembered I don't have the lug wrench in my car. Shit. We rang Since Primary Two up. What else can we do but to sit there? Had some smoke while we wait.

Soon after, a fire truck passed us.

The fire truck passed us again. Without the siren this time. Hope everyone's save.

Since Primary Two then came.

"Of all things, you don't have the "T" (
we called the lug wrench that)?"

"I gave it to my ex la..."

Loosen the nuts. Jacked the car. Took the tyre out. There's a piece of semi-curved metal clamped on the inner surface of the tyre and the ring of the rim. Lucky my rim wasn't dented. Only scratches. And what the hell is that!? Which part of the car does this came from?

Changed the spare. And convoyed home.

Good excuse now to change tyres. And strut bars. Maybe sports steering. Oh, got my car tinted.

Why didn't we stop to help? We were not the first at the scene. There were already people helping out. Not sure if there's anyone else in the car besides the driver, but hope they are all fine.

And we're still wondering what's that metal piece.


  1. It could've been debris from the car you passed earlier or something that was already lodged in your tire earlier. I dunno, I wasn't there.

    TIP: Also keep a set of jumper cables, a rag, torchlight and bottle of water handy in the car. ;)

  2. Lizzy,
    Yeah, it was. There were too many of them for me to not to went on to.
    I had those. Driving an old junk. Can't afford not to. ;)