I've got hickeys

All over my body.

Near the end of my right collarbone. A few at the back, most on the right shoulder blade. One on the knee cap. One below it. One beside my birthmark, at the inner ankle. Oh, just checked, one on my head. Well hidden beneath the thin of hair at the forehead. There might be more that I haven't discover.

Why so geram lah!?

After more than a month of giving me hell, it's time to vent out.

Went to a paintball outing with the colleagues over the weekend. With a ratio of 6-to-2, where 6 is the servicings, and the 2... sad to say, my creative director and myself. They brought friends too! Which made their ratio even greater. Well, at least I got to shoot the account director. Not once. Not twice. But more than three times. I lost count. At least we didn't go down in vain.

Almost black out after the first game. What to expect? It was in the jungle. With uneven terrains. Mud. Puddle. Mosquitoes. Bugs. Ants. I smokes. I seldom exercise. I slept less than five hours the night before, after lepak-ing with Zoky at her place. I rushed to the game after a morning wake up call. Without having my breakfast first. Sigh. But the speedball was much easier. Flat, even grassland. (Seems like I don't want to admit that I'm out of shape. And weak.)

No doubt, it's as tiring as it can be, I had my fun that day.

My body is still aching from all the running, squating, hiding, et cetera.

Oh, most the hickeys had turned blue-black.


Pump & come

"How deep you pump?"

"Depends on my need lah. You know, of how dirty I am."

"I pump all the way."

"All the way ar? That's a lot wei! You sure ar?"


"I pump half only. It's more than enough."

"But it really depends on people lah. Seriously."

"Yeah. Different people, pump differently."

"Like... maybe for you, you pump a bit, come out a bit lah."

"You just pump half way. Come out 'that' much."

"Pump all the way, come out a lot lah."

"You all don't simply pump ar!"

Quotes arranged are not in timely order. But seriously, every word, every sentence sounded so
wrong. Tsk, tsk, tsk. And it was just some discussions my team were having for The Shower Foam TV spot ideas. I can't afford to missed posting this.