Tele-fun: The First of Many

Tele-fun, continued.

Yes. I'm the one who call you in the middle of a meeting / sleep / meal / poop / pee to waste a fraction of your life into an irrelevant questionnaire or survey.
My apology if you have received a call from me before.

It was some time after I did my round in the retail. Since Primary Two is already working with Halfway Up the Top of The Cloud for nearly two months. They needed an extra hand.

It was my first decent job. Full time. Ironed shirt, and slacks. Choking necktie. And cubicle kinda decent.

A 9-to-5. With overtimes, allowance and other claims. We
were the more rebellious batch. Rolled up sleeves. Loosely hanging tie. Unbuttoned collar. And I'm the first who wear short sleeves to work. Casual Saturdays, but strictly no short pants. I was forced to take off my ear studs too.

The job was pretty simple.

Just call people up to attend a product preso in the office. Our part was not to sell you anything. That was the salespeople's dirty work. We just go through a set of questions to determine if customers are qualified. If they met a certain criteria, they are invited to the office. Free gifts are given.

Besides the basic, we have commissions. Some telemarketers can easily earn thousands with just the commissions alone. But this isn't my thing.

I've never met my quota of 24.


Am I right?

I either got this from:

1. Pressing the arm against my body weight while getting up from bed. Or the floor. I thought I heard a snap.

2. Spraining the muscle from spending 3 days in a row sandpapering the excess putty on the front lip of Slow White Poke's bumper - a DIY moment gone wrong.

And this post was written entirely left-handed.

No, of course not. I cheated.

Another 16 hours to go.


Choose one

Rat-bitten LAN cable. Unstable wireless connection.

Nia sing. Not the bloody first time, though. Can't Mickey just leave it alone!? I used to laid them on the floor. Tracing every corners, angles and curbs,
from Father's room to mine. Tripping every human being alive.

Guess I have to do that again.

Not to mention the forever dropping wireless. Shiok-shiok streaming vid halfway, and it got disconnected. I have to re-stream all over again. It would be lucky enough to even post this.



Attracted to older women

We refer her as jeje, sometimes, kakak.

Being the most senior in the creative, she is no doubt, a big sister. Creatives who can survived telco clients, can technically do any accounts. She had six dealing with the Blue Telco.

Phoebe is one of the first senior creatives I met during my breakaway time from conventional agencies/design houses. She was with Ousted Brothers, when I went for an interview. Though I didn't get a stint there, over the time, she texted me of places that is looking.

Over here is the first time I worked with her.

A very nice lady indeed. Soft spoken. Easy to deal with. Rarely shows her temper. Attentive. Straightforward, yet constructive and thoughtful in her comments on works. A trait that many creatives do not have.

Two years passed. She's no longer with us. Will definitely miss the chats, jokes and "games" we played off-work. But we do keep in touch every now and then.

I was in the midst of knocking on new doors, and we caught up in Facebook. Got an interview with the CD there. Apparently, she was a buddy with the MD back when they were starting out! It's a small, advertising world. Nasib baik I didn't offend anyone before.

She was texting her MD-buddy. At the same time chatting with me.

"I don't mind pre-selling you 'cause you behaved well. Don't know why... I see you as a boy-boy..."

This really made me smile...

Did the title pop your eyes? Not in a sexual way, okay!

I find myself clinging closer to them. Being born the eldest, I've never had the chance to know how Bro feel - to have an older sibling looking after and protecting you. I've always wanted an elder sister.

I don't know... maybe it's my subconscious way of looking for security and comfort which I never had as a younger sibling.