Yet another quickies

I'm penning this down on B's PC, at her cube, in her office.

For the past month, this is how we spent our weekends together.

Her agency's network is in the midst of conducting training for their new staffs. It's a global alignment - all agencies under the same network will have theirs in their country.  The classes fall on the weekend. A 9-to-4. Not inclusive of extra hours spent on discussions and assignments. To the end of November.

Being in advertising, long hours are given.

Some of the very little time we got to meet up is after work. That in mind, sometimes it's already near midnight, or long after that. And the least I could do in the weekend is to send her to the office, and pick her up after class. Occasionally, lepak in the office when I'm done at my place. Or spend that little short time cuddling in bed.

Yes. I'm longing for a hand-to-hand stroll at a crowded mall, a meal at a fancy yellow lighting restaurant, or even, a movie at a cinema - like all couples do. I know she's looking forward for the same too.

But it's all these quality times that made us appreciate the companion even more.

We termed this, yet again, not sexually, our quickies.


Spaghetti, vodka & a...

And so, my brief was answered.

The proposal was a pre-launch campaign in a form of an on-ground activation. Brilliantly planned idea. Gotta admit, suits are slowly taking over the role of creatives.

A day before, my buds were planning to have steamboat. I asked her to tag along and do the birthday activation on the next day instead. It was one of the very few times I brought a girl out on a "couple only" outings. At least I can loudly say now, I am not a light bulb!

Came the night, and I went to picked her up. Got in the condo compound and made my way to the parking near her block. Apparently, I was at the GM of Porsche's spot. That's an added value to Slow White Poke, no?

While waiting, she beeped.

"Wanna do something crazy?"

"How crazy?"

"Let's go Malacca!"

If I were younger, I would probably reject the offer. Even stop at "crazy" for all I know. Guess I lost out of being young, I started... craving for these kinda random craziness at an older age. It must be mid-midlife crisis kicking in. It must be...

Excitedly, I texted away...

"Let's do it!"

Not long later, we hit the highway heading south.

The journey was overwhelming for me. Her perfume. The smell of her shampoo. And the aroma of a home-cook meal. Made the night driving a tad more pleasant. Not to mention, her songs compilation in her iPad, those little small talks and laughs, and the ciggy-sharing along the way.

At one point, she blew her own cover of making me spaghetti!

Oopsie... now we know.

We reached Jonker Street nearly 10. Scaled the stretch scouting for munchies before stopping at a small bar along the stream. The night breeze and the smell of the river are so soothing. Maybe, it's the companion.

Had my spaghetti overseeing the reflections. You still wanna ask how it tasted!? It's great! A little salty, though. Nevertheless, it's pork, it's stimulating to the taste bud, it's orgasmic!

After a bucket of stouts, I looked over my Tissot, it's already after 2. We decided to spent the night at her friend's place. We took turn to shower. And she offered her gym singlet to me. A little girlish, but what the heck! It's so comfy!

I poured some Smirnoff to the remaining of the Coke we bought earlier. Continued the night with more chats, teases, and giggles. And it got tipsier by the second. I was subtly playing with her fingers, calf, feet, and toes.

The next minute I know, we were just breathing inches away...

Yes. It involved lots of lips, tongues, and saliva.

For the longest time, it was hell of a roller coaster ride - I know what you're thinking - but, no! Not sex. It's the state of mind. One moment, I was sober as fuck like I've never touched any alcohol. The next, it felt like blacking out. Wobbly. Spinning. Warping, even.

And it was so magical!

It doesn't matter who stole whose kiss, knowing I opened my eye to not a dream.

And I came home fighting hard not to show my grin.


Job briefs

That's how we talk.

I was poking on Facebook. There's this one girl that caught my eye. So I looked through her photos. Then, her info - it was one of the most detailed profile one could possibly put up. And the thing about me is, if there is nothing better than a mere "Hi!", I wouldn't even bother.

Scanned her details, grabbed 3 lines, and penned a story.

It was short, and I wasn't expecting a reply.

After two days, I woke up with a bitten bait.

What surprised me was when she mentioned, "creative copy" while thanking me. That's a jargon only ad people use... wait, wait... is she in advertising? And I hope I'm not talking to a copywriter, or a suit - they are extremely hostile when art directors write. Being a grammar Nazi is one of it. We also annoy them with our writing to some extend. Some.

She gave me a brief. Came with terms like, "tone & manner", "direction", "big idea", et cetera. Now... she is in advertising! The "client", gave me work on my off day. Come on, lah! But it's definitely a fun to-do!

What's the brief about? Getting to know her better.

I scanned her details again over the week to grasp some ideas, and started writing after couple of days. As I was halfway writing the "ad", "client" changed "brief". Not the first time, though. And I've actually lost count the number of times she changed her profile. After the millionth time, I just fuck it. I wrote the ad based on her initial info, from my memory.

I sent my TV script in a form of a cheesy, 3-minute infomercial.

She bought the idea! And I was required for a preso!

The presentation is held on the coming weekend.

I got the meet-up mixed up. If I can coin the term "meex up", I would.

I was waiting for her at the supermarket. Yeah, yeah, I know! But there's a cafe at the supermarket - I asked the information counter, okay! But the meeting is at a proper restaurant, that goes by the same name!

After half an hour, I thought I was fucked on a date. And the line was so bad I can't even text! Breathe in, breathe in - everything's gonna be fine, Birthmark - now, breathe out, breathe out...

I asked for the WiFi code at the cafĂ©, and dropped her a message in WhatsApp. Fuck! Really!? Wrong place ar!? I grabbed my stuff and paced my way to the Italian. I was so embarrassed. And I think I was blushing. Hope she didn't notice.

It was a great meal! We had a few pints too.

Being me, I was rather quiet - all dates' public enemy no. 1 - but the beers did help.

One chat led to another, she asked about my birthday. In fact, it's just less than a week's time. And since she knows how to cook... a little, I shot my brief to her! Ha! Ambik 'gkau! Backfire!

Nah, I wasn't expecting for a gift. But just toying with the idea of job briefs. You know, a client being a client. A nice one. Well, maybe a little nasty.

Yeah. That's how we talked.



There's only so much I can do.

Got a brief for a :15 TVC cutdown. Fifteen! One. Five.

Every part of it is important! The story. The close-up shot. The consumption. And not to forget, the last 3-second of mandatory - product shot, masthead, Facebook page icon, and corporate sign off - and still, client complained there are not long enough!

What's the point of having a 15-second? Might as well do a montage slides than wasting airtime. It's like having sex without foreplay.

We already have a :20 cutdown.

I remember hearing every single person who are involved in this project had at any one time, cursed at it. I'm not aware if I've blurted out any "fucks" looking at the commercial for the 3,564,164.3th time. Under my breath, maybe.

I've timed every single storyboards I've made. If Tissot has a prize for the most presses on the stopwatch function, I could've won something.

Before I bleed my eyes to death, I made a rough cut on my own. Yeah, this is it. Not gonna look at it again.

How does it look? Saying it a quickie was rather underrated.

Imagine you're having one of the most passionate sex, and you're about to reach an intense orgasm, your legs cramp.

Itu macam lah...