Irony #78

Slow Internet. Blown TV.

If these are your only not-wanting-to-get-out-from-the-house kinda entertainment, don't they pissed you off if they are not working as you expect them to be? It happens.

The Internet.
Damn. Bloody. Slow. Even Google take ages to load. What to do, Streamyx mah. I would have choose a better service if other providers are equally affordable as them. Can't do much if one business owner monopolizes the market.

Till others get cheaper, I shall wait.

The TV.
No visual. No sound. No nothing. Just imagination. It started having this problem some time back; on and off kinda thing. But it's been 2 days.

Should I resort to radio? Sigh.


Peak of boredom #215

Searching every single profile in your Facebook friends list in the hope of finding a blog to read.


Kelapa sakti gila

Kepala sakit lagi.

Well, yeah. A little. The sakit that requires no medication. I refrain from taking drugs at most time. If I can take, no, endure the pain. After all, drugs aren't good for the body.

I was asleep earlier. I'm sure I was. I think I was in the half-asleep-half-awake (HAHA?) stage. And I totally blown it. The worst part is, I can't go back to sleep. Something is mingling in my mind. That? No. I'm so over with that already. Not sure what was it. Maybe the power nap that I accidentally had while watching TV earlier.

Heard thunder. The atmosphere is getting cooler. I haven't smell the rain yet, but it looked like it's gonna rain. And the best thing to do in this condition is to sleep. Which I have no privilege of getting anytime soon.

I think I should make the sheep count me.


You are over five thousand years old!

Fun Size recently asked my age for a cake she'll be getting for my day. Though, I'm not a fan of bakeries, I appreciated that. I told her to just get ONE candle.

"Why one?"

The candle blowing part on birthdays are just a made up tradition that been past down from generations. I don't expect to see cakes and candles every year. Since we are doing it, let's do it the logical way. We've gone through only a year since our last birthday. Why should we celebrate things that are long gone.
Why should we celebrate the years before?

Assuming you add one candle to every year we passed, and you lived to 100 years old, you have blown 5050 candles. Are you 5050 years old then? I guess not. I didn't count this. There is a formula and method to this.

We have already gone through the details. Live to look at the whole picture.

Well, there is no cake that day. Only beers.


Happy 52nd Birthday, Malaysia...


Are you people misinformed? Have you forgotten what was taught in Sejarah? Why kept saying "Happy <insert your year here> Birthday, Malaysia" over and over again on independence day? I've been hearing this for years now. Newscasters are saying it. TV hosts are saying it. Even ministers are saying it.
Why the government are not saying anything to correct it?

I'm gonna write about this to newspaper real soon.

Malaya (Malaysia, then) gained its independence back in 1957, on the 31st of August. "Malaysia" was not established until 1963, on the 16th of September! Come on, Malaysian! For whatever sake. Bangun!

You all really need to be properly informed. Sheesh.

Anyway, Happy 52nd Independence Day, Malaysia. Merdeka!