Peanut bitter

"People rather rant about how much they hated their work than actually moving on ages ago. It's silly to even stay on after so long. Look. It's just a job. Not a career you would want to spend your life with. Simple. Don't like it, leave. Just, leave.

You'll earn respect that way than contradicting yourself the whole time."

My recent wall post.

There's this girl in my list. She's been complaining about her boss. Colleagues. Her responsibilities. And everything other things about her work in general. Ever since she started work there. I guess, it was almost... a year ago?

I didn't bother.

It's fine to rant about work sometimes. It'll keep you sane. I can totally relate to it. But not on an almost everyday basis.
Leave if you hate it so much. Just bloody leave. Go. Please. No one forces you to cling on. It's stupid of you to even stay for that long. You should have known the first month you were there. And wake up. There's no such thing as a "perfect" job/career/work or whatever you like to call it. Being "perfect" only if you like/love what you are doing.

Oh? You haven't found a new one yet? It's just a "job".

Oh? It's a career? Open up your mind and look at it differently.

Oh? Decided to stay for a while? Then... shut the fuck up?

She reminded me of this guy. Same mentality. Just like the government.

I want to see some action, and nothing about the mouth.


  1. I'd tell her to resign and get another job. If she doesn't want to resign then tell her to shut her gap and just do her work. All bark and no guts. Annoying...

  2. Actually in every organisation - regardless of size - there is always one or two persons who are like these. Sour pusses. Very "beh kam guan" to see other people enjoying their job etc. Normally they stay very far away from me coz I'm not the "pai say" kind to just smile and nod. I would give them alot of work to do 'coz to me, if you have all the time in the world to whinge, you must be TOO FREE!!! *heh heh heh* *evil smile*

  3. Lizzy,
    Precisely. Lucky she wasn't a real friend of mine. She would have kena from me long, long time ago. I can listen to a couple of such sessions. I'm expecting to hear "I've tendered already!" the next time I see you. And nothing else.

    Even there are more of you in every company, people like these still complain. In MSN. In the phone. In wall posts every other hour. Couldn't even remember how we added each other up. Major list cleaning on its way.