Twice a fool

In Since Primary Two's car.

At an open road. Ten odd street lamps to the traffic light. It was green.

He clutched in, dropped gear, and floored the accel. Boost kicked in. Needles jumped.
The car torque steered. We were glued to the seats, as the wastegate screamed. Adrenaline started pumping. Orgasmic!

The light turned yellow! He braked hard... *potong steam*

At the red, we had a small talk.

"Even a Ferrari or Lambo can't beat that..."

"Yea lah wei..."

"Unless we can teleport in front lah."

"...(Stared at me, short pause)... If we can teleport, we teleport home lah! Still wanna teleport in front the traffic light meh!?"

Why didn't I think of that!? We had this exact conversation twice! At the exact same spot! On different occasions!

"Two bloody times you said that wei!"

"I know lah!... You don't let the teleport not enough power ar!?
(cover malu)... You still layan the first part what!"


"Let's make it 3. Third time's a charm. Or lucky number 7!"

"HAhAhAhAhAHHAA! (Long pause)... Don't wei!"

We cried all the way home.

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