Who approved this?

LG aired an ad about their new air-cond on radio recently.

It come with some kind of an ionizer system, which can relaxes you. Or so they claimed. That's new. That's a fresh and new approach to sell an over-saturated product. Couldn't find a link or the script to it, but it goes something like this:

Wife was asking the husband to go to sleep because it is already late. And he looked tired.

He refused, as he still have works to rush. He claimed his head is heavy and he felt groggy.

The wife then relate someone she knew who had the same problem as he is.

They solved it by changing their air-cond.

The rest of the dialogue is just the wife telling the benefits of the new LG air-cond.

Seems fine? Right? No, it isn't.

No matter how advanced an air-cond is, it can't solve the work part. He still have to stay up late to rush work. Why would the creative team include this part in?

So, who should I point my finger to? The client, the creative team, or the creative director who gave the green light?


The work

I stumbled upon advertising purely by accident.

I don't know what I want to do after school. Yeah, everyone has an ambition. I had some, at least. But they changed.

I salute you who sticks to their ambition when they were young. For those who are like me, don't worry. People adapt to changes of the environment. That's how human survive. We change accordingly to what we are going through.

I always admired designs. I thought I like designs.

Ended up taking graphic design at an art college, which pisses me off. The whole three years syllabus was more about drawings than doing actual graphic designing. I quit after a short while.

The time between the quit, and the self-made second choice was kinda long. So, not gonna talk about it this time.

So, I took computer science. And did pretty well. But the job hunting after was hell. Been to a number of interviews, but none have feedback. Practically jobless for months, until a friend introduced me a job as a graphic artist at the place where she work. Well, since I (thought) like design, I took up the offer.

After a while of doing it, I didn't like it. It's not that I don't like it at all. Just that I prefer the process before the execution of a design. The brain storming part of it. The whole idea behind. Damn.

I was not fortunate like many of you. I don't have anyone to guide me of what I do. I was like thrown in the middle of the sea to find my own land. And there's a huge difference between advertising and design.

And here I am, after years of doing it, I'm still fiddling with my brain everyday
for ideas, trying to earn a mark for myself. And love every moment of it.

But if anyone of you wants to work in advertising, don't!


The beginning of a long short

No. I'm not a writing material.

I'm not even an expressive kind of person. Not in recent years. I kept too much things to myself. The only journal/diary I remember writing is about the daily things I've did in school, or at home. And that was like, 20 years ago. It stopped not long after. I don't see a point to it.

So. Me? Writing?

I wasn't sure. I was reluctant at first.
My recent broke up had gotten me back into writing. People had suggested me to write about my feelings, if I can't in real life. But this blog isn't rants about how sad I am about the break up. Enough people had done that already. This is basically how I see life. About everything.

But how do I even start?

What should I even write about?

Do people even care what I write, or what other people writes?

Should I reveal myself?

Or should I keep my anonymity?

Well, Mr. Anonymous. For now. And this is the beginning of a long, short thoughts.