Boleh, or not?

"Wei, still at work?"


"Aw... pitiful. I just finished work. Wanna have dinner? Are you done?"

"Er... not sure... I'm discussing something with my partner. And have to look after my designer on the job I briefed her earlier today... well, lemme check..."

Excused myself from my writer. And walked away from the pantry towards my place.

"My designer isn't at her place..."

"I'm about to leave the office. How?"

"Okay, I tell you what. I call you back in a while to confirm?"

It was Zoky.

I have tons of work to be done. Couple more of ideas to churn out for The Other Milk activation project with my writer before he's calling it a day. But I still... well... you (should) know. Have a couple of trying-hard-not-to-look-forcefully quick ones with him. Done! Just then, Zoky texted me.

"The highway is in a terrible jam. I think it's better for you to leave the office later. I can have dinner myself."

Oh! That is so uncool! Think, think, think. Come on, come on. Walked towards the windows at the pantry. Wow. It was pouring heavier than before. The traffic was really bad. Almost stationary. Texted her back.

"Yeah, it's really bad. I can see it from here. Or why not you drop by the mall and have dinner here? My treat."

"I'm in the middle of the trail. Not sure when I'll reach. We go for the cheaper one then. If you can wait for me. I'm hungry!"

So am I. Raining day indeed makes you hungrier.

"The cheap one, that is."

Went down and joined the rest while I waited for her.

I drank half the yin yiong, when she rang. That was quick. Downed it all. Leave the colleagues. And met her up.

She was cold. And craving for something hot, and soupy. After throwing a few suggestions, she remembered the Vietnamese's I had with her last time. And off we go. We ordered the set for two. Come with fried rice, beef noodle, and other side dishes. Ice lemon tea included. I took the rice, and she, of course, the noodle.

We took our time to enjoy the food. I can't finish mine. It was... quite tasteless. I must say. Her beef ball taste much better. But I give an overall high markings for it. It's not so much of the food and ambient. It's who you are enjoying a meal with.

Had some chat after makan.

About the coming trip early next year. About our work. She's surprised that I have to go back to the office to finish up what I left. So I thought, instead of leaving after dinner, why not I bring her up my place and show her around? The place I work at. The works I do. The bunch I hang out with.

She's the first one I've ever brought up. Hope my family and bros don't know about this.

The lift opened. My designer was at the lobby. Walking around. On the phone. Chatting with someone that seemingly know me. I knew her friends by names, and brief acquaintances. Either
it was her close friends, her boy, or the housemate.

"Zoky, this is my designer, Diam-Diam."

"Eh! Hi, Zoky!"

"Why is she so excited?"

Zoky whispered.

"She's always excited."

After showing Zoky around, and spending some time lepak-ing and chatting with my team, I walked her to her car. And drove me back to the entrance. We parted with a goodnight.

I went back up.

"Ei! Zoky boleh woh! She looks prettier in person than in the photos."

"You think so?"

What Zoky don't know is, I told Diam-Diam unimaginable amount of times about her. As my designer, and a friend, she's concerned. She asked a few times about my progress with her. What progress can I have? Don't I wish to make another move? But it's harder for a second time now. Unless there's a very clear, green light from her. Of any kind. A signal. Body language. Whatever.

Not the first time I've explained these to her.

Zoky, is not the ladylike kinda girl. She dresses like one. But she acts a little tomboyish. She's on the rough side. Shakes her legs like a man. Well, it's one of her bad habit. I flicked her once when she did that. Said it's not nice to look at (but just another excuse of mine to have skin contact). She spits when she smokes! Her excuse, the taste of nicks.

It's these little imperfections that make her, her. Staying true to herself. Not faking a blink. Straight forward, and honest. It wouldn't be her if she don't do these anymore. I guess, that is why I'm attracted to her.

Boleh, or not, is not up to me to say. For now.


  1. Of course, Boleh! 100% sokong from me.

  2. Aw~ Andrea. A big, fat 110% thank you hug to you.