Sneaking in The Ladies

Sneaked in The Ladies yesterday, continued.

recalled the stories that Diam-Diam told her of the weird happenings and unknown entities lingering around on our floor. She was afraid to go in the ladies, even I told her it was okay. Even said I
will be around.

She asked me to accompany her.

I didn't want to. Instead, told her I will stand outside the door. Not budging a move. Wait for her. And keep talking through the wall. I must have the worst persuasion skill when it comes to this. She still refused to.

Seeing her not
feeling comfortable, I gave in.

Though everyone had left the office, I still looked around before my entry. I don't want to make it so grand lah.

And we went in...


  1. was she really fearful?

    or, was it an enticement?

    there's a part 3, right?

  2. doc,

    It wasn't enticing enough for me to notice. However, the fear part was true.

    Hope I can wrap it up in the next post. Just that I don't know how to describe the feelings then.