The painful hour

"Uncle, I miss you all. Tell Mama and Koko too."

Reading that, I held on as hard as I could. Not to burst a tear.

Sis texted Father earlier. She then called, weeping. Begging us to let her come back. The hardest part is lying to her that she is not our responsibility anymore. To us, she still is. Not the same like before, but in a more abstract manner.
It's not up to us to decide now.

I woke up at 10, after a 3-hour doze. Everyone's awake. Preparing to send her off later in the noon. Bro left for work earlier. For almost an hour when I'm still in the house, I didn't say a word. Didn't even look her in the eyes. I was pretending the whole time that I didn't care.
I hurried myself, and left to work.

That was one of the most painful time I had in years.


  1. Will you see her in the future? Setiap perpisahan ada lagi pertermuan. :)

  2. Sometimes we have to learn how to let go; altho' it will be the hardest thing we would ever do in our life.

  3. sexyjessie,

    Of course we will. But it will not be frequent. We wanted it that way. So that she can get use to her "new" surroundings.

  4. Andrea,

    Yeah, I know...

    It's only a week or so. But it seems like a long time already. Seriously, I missed her yelling and shouting. Her arguments and all. I really miss her.