Pump & come

"How deep you pump?"

"Depends on my need lah. You know, of how dirty I am."

"I pump all the way."

"All the way ar? That's a lot wei! You sure ar?"


"I pump half only. It's more than enough."

"But it really depends on people lah. Seriously."

"Yeah. Different people, pump differently."

"Like... maybe for you, you pump a bit, come out a bit lah."

"You just pump half way. Come out 'that' much."

"Pump all the way, come out a lot lah."

"You all don't simply pump ar!"

Quotes arranged are not in timely order. But seriously, every word, every sentence sounded so
wrong. Tsk, tsk, tsk. And it was just some discussions my team were having for The Shower Foam TV spot ideas. I can't afford to missed posting this.


  1. OOOhhhhhhh......shower foam. Say la... ish! ish!

  2. I said it what... at the end. What were you expecting leh? HAhA!