That sweet spot

I am close to our new account manager. She came in to take up The Kiwi account.

Being the lead art director for devouring kiwifruits, I unfortunately, became Jom Joget's favourite. And it's not that we have that many ADs and designers left – did I mention the agency just laid off 8 with immediate effect recently? – beggars can't choose.

We are like the office buddy kind lah. Talk cock, sing song, gossips, and all. She also has the tendency of Instagram-ing random stuffs and tagged us on Facebook. I've lost count how many of my stuffs alone are tagged.

I was having heartburn the other day. Skipped work. Being the kecoh Jom Joget as she is, she wrote on my wall of how she missed me. And for the record, I rarely take sick leave.

Baby all this while never feel comfortable with the taggings. That wallpost, really pisses her off. She came home and told me off. Kena lecture lah. But I'm not even angry at all.

At the end of the lecture, she soften up. Voice lowered. To a point it looked a bit… manja? When I promised her to do something about it, she just nodded… in a very subtle way. Like wanna nod, don't want to nod. Macam yes, tapi bukanIf words could describe her look, I would.

It's a sweet spot I rarely see in her – things I love about this woman.


How my 1 year was spent

Eating roti banjir at the mamak. With the companion of a Milo Ais.

Lazed around the couch in the office. Trying to get some nap.

Rushed over to 1U to dropped off some documents for Baby's friend.

Went back to the office couch and once again, trying to get a nap.

Failed to book a movie. They are either too far, or too late.

Met up with the boys for a couple of pints.

Came home with a heartburn.

Dragged myself outta bed to get meds and MC at 5-ish in the morning.

Woke up with blood in the phlegm.

All these because of my fucking mouth.

How pathetic.

Happy one year to me.


All white

It's been two weeks since the agency moved.

That is one of the many excuses why I've been slacking off in writing. Packing, and unpacking is a very tiring thing to do, especially when you're juggling between ongoing jobs and pitches.

It was a Friday.

Yours truly is one the first batch that reported to work early in the morning. Yes. Deadlines. My Mac was setup even before the packed cartons arrive. The rest stayed back to oversee the movers with our belongings. Being a social media addict, I posted a pix to preempt the gang before they comes in after lunch.

We took over David in PR's office. They were moving a floor up. Coincidentally, they have a staff count of 23. We have 23 minus the Finance and IT. We, cramped in nicely. They left us a 5-year renovation, and workstations that come with built-in shelves and drawer – David is our sister agency under the same umbrella – you'll get the drift.

Oh. How's my old office looked like?

We've settled down. I have settled down.

I like the new office now.


Two wrong statements

When 2 statements should not be put into the same sentence.

"Go toilet… (looking at me) Nak hisap?"

"Bro! You make it sound so wrong, wei! Never do that again!"

Baby Suit wanted to go to the loo, and planning to have a smoke after that.

Ubolt Sain

Was having a drink with Pilot 4+2 the other day.

Catching up and all lah. And so, watches came into the picture.

"Check out this watch brand – Ubolt."

"I didn't know Ubolt Sain came out with his own line of watches…"

"Wha… who?"

"The African athlete lah…"

Laughs came after the awkward silence.

He was talking about U-Boat watches.

And I got the runner's name wrong.


That kid in school

Remember that kid you hated so much in class?

The one that complains and brings the parents after every single small thing? The one that raises hand the quickest for cikgu after being teased at? The one that reports you to pengawas and guru besar for the slightest of menace? The one that made you wanna lastik them so badly?

Yes. That kid! And that kid has now grown up.

So, what's this version of the "teachers' favourite" do in my agency? – Pulls the management card.

If only killing is not illegal.


A 5-feet text

We were exchanging texts.

"How you feeling, beautiful?"

"I feel sick…"

"There's this girl here with a red cardigan… she look pretty."

"Really? Prettier than me?"

"As pretty as you… Well, I can't decide. I might fall in love with her if it's not because of you…"

"Oh, man… you are so easily seduced… not loyal! Now I have to think twice!"

"Of course not lah. Like I've said, I have you already."

"You better choose now!"

"I don't have to choose! I'm yours! I love you."

"Love you too, B."

"How you feeling, my love?"

"Feeling worse. Which is why I'm here. Can we cuddle now? And scare the people around us?"

I went over to her just two seats away.

Baby was at the clinic after work waiting for me to get her. When I got there, there isn't any seat left. It wasn't dramatic of me moving beside her, but it did confuse a couple nearby.

Yes. She's the only one in red.


Things that company can never sell to me #16

Anything 3D.

3D TV. 3D movies. 3D whatever.

The thing is, you'll need a 3D glasses to truly enjoy those. Which I don't. I'm a full time specs guy. And no, I don't wear contacts. So? I will have to wear that 3D glasses on top of my glasses. Which is fucking ridiculous – I look like an idiot – from being a sei ngai zai, to a luk ngan kuai.

Until they've invented screen which can project 3Ds without the need to wear cheat with an eye aid, no money from me.