I'm sorry

Though the time we spent together wasn't long, but I will never forget the days. The days I nurtured you. With heat, passion, and love. I'm sorry that I didn't try hard enough. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to defend you. I'm sorry for letting go. I'm very sorry. I'm truly was.

Till the time we meet again, stay strong, and rest well, ideas.

You will be needed again.

After a long, brutal week of late nights, excessive nick & caffeine, and irregular meals, the client had shot down our ideas for
The Shower Foam TVCs. All. Four. Of. Them. They don't even stand a chance for a little expansion. Well, at least it was... merciful? Or so I heard. I didn't go for the presentation. Stayed back in the office to look after other things.

"The client, decided to go for the 5th direction."

There. Is. No. Fifth. Direction.

What's worst about this project is, the client already have something in mind. And we were not,
at the very least, properly briefed. Luckily I wasn't there. Or I would have vomit blood from the time they started telling their ideas. Should have told us earlier what they wanted all this while. Could have saved everyone's time. Their time. Our time.

I'll be going next coming Friday. Expecting to see my own blood then.

So, the brain activities for the weekend:

Friday - think of ideas.

Saturday - think of ideas.

Sunday - you guessed it, think of ideas.

Just when I needed some time off for the brain.


Random thoughts #591

All-4-One. Yes. The male R&B group.

Are they Hongkies? Why they swear by moon and the stars?

Been very busy. Will write more when I find the time. Or the time found me. Till then, give this lame self-thought a ponder. See if you understand the inside joke of it.


Project Cindy

The 60th birthday (61st for female) is regarded as an important turning point for the Chinese. A big celebration will be held to honour this person. Usually with the presence of the children, grands, and greats. To pay their respects, and to express gratitude. Sometimes, relatives and close friends of the family are also invited. Every ten years after the 60th (61st for female), is one big celebration. And is more exaggerated each.

Cindy, will be 91 this year.

Case Studies

Cindy had successfully brought up her eight children all by her own hands.
Her husband was bedridden after a mishap. Not long after, he passed on early in his 40s. The husband left with just enough for her, and the children to make it through.

Cindy never sigh at her misfortune. A nice lady. Never had a temper. And is warm towards anyone she met.

Each of the children is doing very well now. Some had withdrawn from the rat race, and enjoying their retirement fund. Some has their own business. Some are married well. Some are working just to pass time. Each of them has their own family, but the youngest daughter. They have a character of their own.

The eldest daughter, princess-like.

The eldest son, carefree.

The 2nd son, rebellious.

The 3rd son, cheekiest.

The 4th son, softest.

The 5th son, nicest.

The 2nd daughter, loudest.

The youngest daughter, imbalanced.

Extra Note: Most of her children, and grands had her nose. The grands, are all doing as well.

Creative: Create a visual presentation that accentuate the ninety one bittersweet years for her big day. Idea, or concept must be relevant to the project. Animation, visual effects, music, and sound is optional.

Data Provided: Photos of Cindy.

Format: May create few formats, for different platforms.

Deadline: 19th June 2010.

Important: Finished work must be delivered by the second week of June.

First time writing a job brief... Nah, I think I'll pass.

Cindy is my paternal grandmother.

It's just a nickname given by a cousin sister some years back; talking about the trend in Chinese naming system, eh? That cousin, is also the project manager. The celebration will be a really big one. Each one of us is given a task to be in charge of, from the time this project has initiated, to her big night. That's months of advance planning.

From tasks distribution, to looking for restaurants. Menu, to booze. Guests listing, to sourcing printers for the invitation cards. Entertainment, to photo/videography. Cindy's dinner wear, to make up. Guests transportation, to lodging. Thank you gifts, to thank you cards. Lunch buffet, to stage deco. Cake, to roasted pigs. Even red packets for guests.

Father, and a couple of his siblings will be paying the bill. And of course, with the adequate amount of alcohols included; what a celebration without them! Bro, and another cousin will be the photographer. Video, only if there is enough equipments. I was one of the MCs. And other things like showing guests their seats, stand-up comedies, et cetera. Not until later they realized, or forgot, that I'm in "design". I must be doing "something" with visuals, sound, and design.

So, here I am.

And it supposed to be the activation ideas-cracking night.


2 weeks and 6 hours later

It's the best two weeks I had in months.

The coming 6 hours after that two weeks, was even better.

Schedule. Was. Hectic.
Job reqs like brought in through a conveyor belt. The job reqs I got in my first week is more than what I get in my previous agency in couple of months. Thanks to The Energy & Petrochemical. This is not a complaint. Really. I enjoyed what I'm doing. Though I started off with just follow-up works. Slight revisions, and simple visuals. Petty stuffs, mostly. No brain juice required.

Until later.

I got two, new briefs to work on. A direct mailer for
The Energy & Petrochemical, and an activation project for The Premium Infant Formula. It wasn't "interesting" at first. But since these are new jobs, I looked at them at a different angle. Tackled them differently. The creative director gave the green light for the direct mailer ideas. Just waiting for the copy. Having a little problem with the activation. Still couldn't link the little pieces of ideas together. And my deadline is next week.

These things kept me busy. But I like this kinda pressure.

It's Friday night, my neighbour next cube asked if I have any plan. I'm a little tensed about the deadline. Need some refreshments. But sad to say, none.

Since Primary Two was away to China for an exhibition. Back next week.

Fun Size isn't allowed (?) to come out. You know by who.

, not coming out. I didn't ask.

Once a Turbo will not come out. Wifey's expecting.

Bro's too lazy to even have a drink. Since he started working. Emo and malas lah tu.

What is wrong with you all lah? It's Friday night wei!

Before I knocked off, I texted Zoky. Asking what she's doing. No reply. Must be asleep, I thought. Full of disappointment, as I tagged the door out. Went to the lift. Walked to the parking. Got in the car. Started the engine. Lit a ciggy. And drove out. Just as I was about to reach the parking booth, I got a text from her. I swerved to the side. Rang her right away.

The magic words that prompted me: "Pretty bored.

Floored to her apartment.
It's been almost a month since we saw each other. Yeah, the usual. Catching-ups and stuffs. My works. Her works. Made fun at a Chinese movie on TV. Had some smokes. Ate her nicely sliced cucumber. Snapshot her with it on her eyes. Then, off we went to the mamak. One limau panas, one cham ais, and one teh ais later, we went jalan-jalan in her car.

She brought me near her work place. Showed me around the port. And things I don't expect to see everyday. And have a brief walk along the cape.
We "trespassed" into a ship structure. Continued to chit chat on the deck, while inhaling that little sea breeze. Time really passes. As we were on the way back to her place, she felt the urge to munch something. We again, dropped by at another mamak. Shared a plate of kuey teow goreng. Before I see her back to her apartment.

I truly enjoyed every second of it. And I'm still as dreamy.


A new start, an old thought

Is our country getting smaller?

A senior art director
whom I met years ago is working here now. I'm not directly under her, or we're in the same team. But I can't rule out we'll be working on the same projects in the future. Seeing her here, reminded me of the interview I had the first time I saw her.

During my earlier years, I met the executive creative director of Ousted Brothers. The interview was held at a production house (
there are times that interviews are held out of the office). He asked what I wanted to be. Confidently, an art director, said I. And would love to write copy as well. Or at least, get involve in it. Before I could finish, he cut me there and then, and said,

"An art director, is an art director. A copywriter, is a copywriter. You don't switch role."


As much as I wanted a place there, this phrase stopped me.
The senior art director was there with him. She understood what I meant. And seems to agree with me. I didn't bother to talk much after that. Just looking at the post-production works of the TV commercial they were editing then.

never believe that thought. Which I'm glad I didn't.
I'm gonna churn out as much copy as I can. If the briefs permit. No matter what.

Rules? We are meant to break them.
If there isn't any, create one. Then break it.


It'll gonna be a long day

I hit the bed early. Tossing around, unable to sleep myself. The body was telling me its tired. The eyes was trying so hard to shut. But the mind was overly active. An hour or so later, I'm here. And I'm supposed to wake up three hours later. I'm. So. Fucked.

Yes. I'm excited about my "first" day.

Yes. Zoky was in my mind.

And... yes? My ex was in my mind.

It's been a month since I sleep before 1. I'm still not used to dozing off this early. Not just yet. Yeah, I know. But the appointment letter, is just an appointment letter. Working in an agency, people come and go as they wish. But it's my first day! I can't go in at 10, 11 o'clock. Not on my first week. Need a major reset done to my biological clock soon.

Zoky texted earlier after I had a quick drink with Since Primary Two, and Fun Size. Wished me luck. I didn't expect that. That's sweet of her. I'm happy to received her text. But why is she lingering in my mind? I wish I know...

Sis told me something which I didn't know during dinner.

All this while, I knew my ex parted with her boy. She told a friend. Which in turn, told another friend. And that friend, told me. But that's about it. What I didn't know is, she told Sis it was
him that left her.

This news, bothers me.

We've been together for years before we go on our separate ways. Let's just put it as she's someone I knew... well. Knowing her, she won't be able to take it emotionally. Sis been trying to get in touch with her since. She avoided her calls. Sometimes, she would just off her phone. She's changed. Like a different person now. Sis claimed.

Sis said it was karma. I thought otherwise. To me, it's a path she chose on her own. No one forces her to take it. However it ended, it her own responsibility. I can't deny I was sad then. But I've never blame her.

You guessed it. She left me. For him.

I felt sorry for her.