When it's still pink

Half of our topics are food related.

Diam-Diam is not fat. Not even close. She's the kind with a well built frame. Athletic curves - she's into kickboxing. Tall, for a girl. Big bones. And has a huge pair of ti... hands. They were as big as mine! Measuring it against the manhood, I thought, it really questions the ego. And I wonder, how big his boy's was to compensate.

The Pink Ice-cream is having a promo. Every Wednesday, if you wear or bring anything pink to any of the outlet, you'll get a discount or some sort. Excitedly, she was selling this to me the whole day. So, I did a body search. Looking around my desk for anything pink. And I thought I have something in that hue. Where are they lah?

Thought I was desperately looking for one, she slide her chair near me and put her nail polish on my table. Volunteered to give a manicure session for me. I thought for a while.

I told her why not I storm to the counter. Lift my shirt. Unbuckle. Pull my pants. Slide my underwear. And shout...

"Quick, quick! Before it turns hard and red!"

We had a good laugh.

Not a fan of it though.


  1. Eeeeooooowwwww! eeeooooowwww! Disgusting, you!

  2. Andrea dear, it was really meant to be a joke. We were kinda tensed of the deadline. :P

  3. How come i missed reading this???!!!

    This is disgustingly (as Andrea had put it) witty!