I'm sorry

Though the time we spent together wasn't long, but I will never forget the days. The days I nurtured you. With heat, passion, and love. I'm sorry that I didn't try hard enough. I'm sorry that I wasn't there to defend you. I'm sorry for letting go. I'm very sorry. I'm truly was.

Till the time we meet again, stay strong, and rest well, ideas.

You will be needed again.

After a long, brutal week of late nights, excessive nick & caffeine, and irregular meals, the client had shot down our ideas for
The Shower Foam TVCs. All. Four. Of. Them. They don't even stand a chance for a little expansion. Well, at least it was... merciful? Or so I heard. I didn't go for the presentation. Stayed back in the office to look after other things.

"The client, decided to go for the 5th direction."

There. Is. No. Fifth. Direction.

What's worst about this project is, the client already have something in mind. And we were not,
at the very least, properly briefed. Luckily I wasn't there. Or I would have vomit blood from the time they started telling their ideas. Should have told us earlier what they wanted all this while. Could have saved everyone's time. Their time. Our time.

I'll be going next coming Friday. Expecting to see my own blood then.

So, the brain activities for the weekend:

Friday - think of ideas.

Saturday - think of ideas.

Sunday - you guessed it, think of ideas.

Just when I needed some time off for the brain.


  1. Heylor, I sent you an email on how to sell ideas (by Rosabeth Moss Kanter) FIVE days ago, wei!

    I'm also sending you a podcast by Robin Sharma on jumpstarting creativity.

    Go check. Quick!

  2. Andrea - I know~! I read that the day you sent it to me. They were in my checklist!

    You know, we presented them internally at first. For feedback and criticisms. To the MD, the group account director, servicings, even other creatives were there. Everything goes pretty well. We've got the green light. Till the boards reached the client. That's when they trying to be "creative".

    It's not that they don't like it at all. Just that they already have something in mind. That's the worst could happen in any given brief on any given day. Frust arrr!

    Thanks for the mail. I like the title! But no sex for me till I find my other half. Yeah, maybe I should relax a bit. Get away from thinking 'bout it for the time being.