Many, many Sundaes ago

What is so special about this sundae?

It was my winning bet...

Strawberry for me, chocolate for Diam-Diam

... back when everyone was having the World Cup fever!

It was that many Sundaes ago.

I'm not a football fan. I don't really know who's who, and which team is playing. Diam-Diam came to me one day, ajak to bet lah. She already chose hers, left me with no other choice. But since everyone was betting, and ours does not involve money, so why not.

I didn't watch the match. Only to find out the next morning. And best of all, I can't even remember which team I bet on. I even asked her to remind me! But a bet is still a bet. I understand her jeling-ing at me. For a person who know nothing about football to win a bet even without watching is demoralizing, right?

Beginner's luck.

After months of bugging her, from "I feels like strawberry today." to "Don't you think my shirt look like a strawberry?", from randomly pointing a deco on her desk blurting "Strawberry!" to "They should garnish this with strawberries" to my meal, and other similar variance posted in our Facebook walls, and my MSN statuses, I finally got it.

But it comes with a catch. She don't do deliveries.

The title was my MSN status.


  1. Ironically, my mom and aunties know more about EPL than I ever would. Despite being Mian, I am not a football fan. Hope you sundae was sweetly delicious :)

  2. Can't believe soooo difficult it was to get that strawberry sundae that is rightfully yours! But at least, you got it, finally. :P

  3. Lizzy,

    It was! It's been a while since I devoured one. I almost wanted to ask for another one. Too full la...

  4. JoMel,

    That's what! She just being lazy la. So happen she was craving for it then.

  5. have u tried dipping the crusty McD apple pie in it?

    Ossums i tell u.

  6. Dots,

    Yor... both the apple pie and strawberry sundae are my favorites. NOW you're making me craving for it...

    Gonna pancing Diam-Diam to get me another one tomorrow.