Long way there

We had a 9-to-5 training at Cyberjaya today.

It's been ages since I got to wake up for non-leisure at 7-ish. Was supposed to leave by 8, but Little Pinay left her place late. Picked her up at the LRT when she reached and floored our way there. Was doing red lines at the MEX's straight. Slow White Poke can't take anything more. She was shivering at 180.

After some 50-odd km, we got there just in time for some breakie.

Had some sandwic... *fast forward* Change, is inevita... *fast forward* ... this will be the new framewor... *fast forward* ... ciggy break...
*fast forward* ... any question about thes... *fast forward* "Don't take the Tandoori Chic... *fast forward* ... took some phot... *fast forward* ... engage these crowd... *fast forward* ... Enjoy your weekend!" said the Strat. Sheesh...

That's just to sum it up. Nothing too interesting to pen them down.

It rained earlier. Making the tarmac burn even more. After waves and waves of heat that hit us in the evening, we decided to have some beers before we call it a day. And since our lady boss belanja, so why not lah kan? Half a Macha gotta leave early, so he dragged me to his car for some puffs and small talk before he take off.

*Slow motion*

I was then tasked to drive another 2 more people home. *slow motion* Lady boss and my new ECD. Shit!
*slow motion* All the way to 2 different spots at Bangsar. *slow motion* And dropped off Little Pinay at Jalan Ampang.

Did my 0 to 100 in *slow motion*.

It was a longer way back. When beers and herbs are involved.

Fairly potent mixture.