May be long

Not dick. I'm all width and curve.

What you read recently are random slots in between. On a bigger picture, I don't even know where to start. The good? The bad? Maybe, the ugly?

Since Shades left, things are really different with Almost Blind. He is much more intense. Both good and bad, depending on how you see it. Every one of us will have his / her time with him. But thanks to all the ranting and shoulder-lending, we survived.

Soon after, he left too. Our new lady boss brought in a contract-based ECD / CD duo from her ex agency. Half a year for half a day. Half the pair, at times. I would say we are on a wobbling, captain-less ship. True to the heart, no one knows what is going to happened after six months. It's like a dating game.

Many left. Those who are still clinging on, are still looking. Me, no exception. I got an offer at a hot shop through a headhunter which I turned down. These happened in a span of just two days. From the interview, to hiring. Yeah, they needed people that urgently.

The team that I used to know are left with Half a Macha and As Long As Her. Even Diam-Diam that I worked closely with since day one are leaving to pursue her own interest. In fact, Half a Macha almost left. We decided to cling on after some bro-talks. We have been through the small shops and mid sizes. If we're stepping out, we'll make sure to knock on large doors. I don't want to go through these all over again too.

We've got a dream brief from a new client. Briefs like these are so rare that many creatives might not get it in their lifetime. If we manage to pull it off, it will be a talk of the industry. If not, we got nothing to lose. Just take it as David and Goliath. We are David.

Got my appraisal recently. I've worked hard for the past two years. I expected for a big raise. I've even updated the management of the intentions and offers I got, before and after the appraisal. Fingers crossed for now.

Business are booming. New clients. More projects from existing ones. Replacements ada, but not enough to fill the lost and gap. Looks suffocating, but not once I have to work late or on the weekends.

Well that's a lie.

Worked once to midnight. Once up to 2am. And once at 7.30 in the morning for the past six months. Not a day on the weekend. Not bad for an agency what! New bosses, new ways of working. I love it now.

On a even brighter side, I bought my first property.

Fun Size's parents shifted there last year. And said I will love it. Had a visit on their Christmas party and I fell in love with that place. And so the scouting begins. With the value of money that we had now, many said it is hard to buy one. I couldn't agree more. My savings are almost dry up.

Not to forget the stacks and stacks of legal documents that I need to initial on. Fast forward to today, I've just signed the last piece of document.

Thank you!


Diamonds & dogs

A friend posted this on Facebook,

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Dogs are man's best friend. What exactly these tell us?"

Being the... naughty me, I wrote...

"Women like it hard. Men like doggy-style."

No offense to men and women out there ar.

Just trolling around.


Ant 1, Me 0

We have a bigger pest problem at this place.

Not rats, but ants. At least is was a problem for me. I hate ants. Not phobia, but they just send shivers down my spine even by just thinking of it.

I don't see a single one the first few months I'm here. Not until the ex-producer left some months back. I noticed them after she packed. It is said that ants make nest at the weirdest place.

I've seen them in Father's old jogging shoes. *Goosebumps*

Under a piece of untouched wood plank. *Shivers*

Old, thick Oxford dictionaries. *Goosebumps, shivers*

In bags of old clothes. *Goosebumps, shivers, goosebumps, shivers*

In long, untouched corrugated boxes. *Goosevers, shibumps*

Found them in the computer's motherboard! *Bumpsgoose*

And here,

Shot this during the recce at Pullman, Putrajaya.
They are a centimeter in length!

Every now and then, I would see stray ones crawling lost in their track. On our desks. Monitors. Into our mugs - oh, come on! I've only gulped half. Under the stack of layout pads. Inside the keyboards. On our arms. Everywhere! *Goosebumps*

I've lost count how many I've killed along the way. It's those species that emit a kind of smell.

The ex-producer's place is in front to the left of my cube. The ants spread onto Diam-Diam's, More Than a Cycle's, and Aunty K's place at the back of us. Diam-Diam for numerous times blamed I brought them back to the office. She still does.

Now the whole office seems to be infested by them. Aunty K brought us some poison granules. It worked only for a while.

How do I get rid of them lah!?


Ay, ay, ay!


Visually impaired.


Is it me, or it's a curse for top creatives to work here? Is it a coincidence? Is there some sort of a paranormal calculations some where that made these people end up here? Suspicious, isn't it?


Almost Blind.

Our new ECD.

All these people had eye problems.