The Lady

In The Ladies, continued.

I went closer to

Grabbed some tissues as I moved away from her. While I'm wiping my hands, I wiped my thoughts, whatever that is. I am still breathing as deep. My heart is still pounding as hard. I quickly grabbed the door handle, and held it open to wait for her. I catch a glimpse of air as soon as we left the toilet.

We parted with a goodnight after I sent her home.

Conscience 1: What the fuck!?
You are most stupidest man alive! You go talk to him!
Conscience 2: I'm not asking you to... sigh... forget it.

She is a very good friend that I've known for a while.

Over the time, we have built friendship and
respects. A bond that only we know. It's just a fine line of crossing over to the wrong side. It confuses me at times. I can't deny I am fond of her. But I don't want it to start this way. And definitely don't want it to end like this.

Not in this situation.

Not in this place.

Not now.


  1. Don't worry,if the is chemical,there shall be sparks, it there are sparks,there shall be fire, if there is fire,it shall come to fruition,,all the best

  2. eugene,

    Yeah, hopefully. Thanks, bro.

  3. Winn,

    I should start looking for other toilets now... ;)