In The Ladies

Sneaking in The Ladies, continued.

Not so much of a difference, besides there is no standing urinal for man. It's clear of ciggy smell too. Since I'm already here, might as well I relieve myself. There are two cubicles. She went into one, I went in the other.

We started talking through the wall.

"You pee so loud!"

"(Chuckle) Yeah! Even my friends said I pee like a guy."

"High pressure..."

We emptied our bladder, and got out.

She washes her hands on the left, I stood on the right. I then looked up through her reflection on the mirror. Tracing her contour from the belly up. To her cleavage, then her collarbones. The shadow fell just at the right place on her neck from the yellow lights above. Oh, that lips of hers...

Zoky then looked up.

I met her eyes, and gave her a smile. She smiled back. She seems to be blushing. But for sure I am. Why is my heart pounding so violently? Why are my ears burning? My head is spinning. Oh, no. Please don't black out

I took a deeper

Conscience 1: Chances like these don't always
happen. Do it!
2: No! Don't! Please, no!

Please forgive me...


  1. Haha... just do it! Chances like these don't always happen!

  2. ...oops!...

    this is way too much information.

  3. Andrea,

    Really ar? You think so? I'm trying to be as mild as I could.

  4. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments.

    Walau eh (Penang snynonmy), she didn't scream? Maybe u knew her personally?

  5. Jessie,

    No, we are close friends. If you've read the previous post, she was afraid to go in the toilet. So...

  6. i remember feeling awkward talking to dude pissing... i have no idea how u did it with a gal pissing.

  7. hormone la! u need a nap! haha

  8. do you believe what goes in must come out? i always wonder how big is my bladder...hmm!!!!!! ever thot of ...measuring?

  9. Tea Drinker,

    Mixed feeling. Feels very weird and... excited at the same time?

  10. Winn,

    Yeala! Hormone punye pasal! I need more than a nap.

    Measuring? Hm... lemme know the process and procedures if you have later. ;)

  11. Easy.Get a measurement cup to measure the capacity of your full bladder!

  12. Winn,

    I thought otherwise; squat-walk while you doing it. Measure the trail.