The Spirits

We were at Fun Size's place playing Siam Blackjack.

She wasn't playing. Just flipping through the channels on Astro. She then stopped at Animal Planet. It was airing a program that showcased an animal testing lab back in the early 20th century. Particularly on primates.

The lab is haunted.
Wait... (it got us to stop playing). What is a haunted place doing in Animal Planet? Salah slot kah? It was haunted not by human spirit, but monkeys'. Seriously? Monkeys?

Since Primary Two then wondered:

"When human have encounters with ghosts, they call the psychics. If animal spirits, who do they call?"

"The zoo keeper lor..."

Yeah, I know. It was so random.
We were all in tears. Almost cramped ourselves laughing.

There were human spirits. Now, animal spirits. Human. The weirdest living creature that has all the things going on in his mind. I won't be surprise hearing what's next.

Insect spirits bugging you. Pun intended.