I'll be (s)watching you

I got my first Swatch 25 years ago. It was a gift from Father.

1987 was also the year I stepped into school. It has been a good companion throughout my primary days. Not to mention, the bragging rights and attention I(t) got - numberless watches are rare then, at least in my memory. Even I can't tell the time correctly. And look at the design. It's in during the mid-80s. No?

Not until recently I found out it's a ladies!

Talking 'bout the mid-midlife crisis, eh? Remember me being a "talent"? Retrostalgia strikes again. I've been searching for it...

I went to collect my Tissot at the Swatch Group this morning before heading to work. The auto-wind went cuckoo recently. Have to masuk kilang a couple of weeks lahSince I'm there, I asked if they still make old models of Swatches, or had them stored anywhere. Just hoping high lah.

Attractive Attentive Malay lady, by the way. Hmm...

Anyway, they don't.

Swatch only make limited numbers of the same model. Even if you're looking to replace the strap on an older models, it's impossible. Unless you wouldn't mind changing to other strap designs.

Yes. I did write an email to Swatch. Thank you for asking. They tak layan me lah. I have yet to hear from them. I used my work mail, you know? Very professional on my side.

What happened to mine? They are disposable accessories, as quoted in Wiki. It breaks down. The strap snapped. The battery leaked. It turned yellow. Yes! The body is still in this house somewhere the last I saw it!

I guess some things are meant to be carved in memory. But no harm trying, right? I'll bug them again like how I bugged Brand's.

And there's no prize for guessing my age.


Poker face

"Eh... is that a tattoo on your neck?"

"Yeah! It's been weeks."

"I'd always wanted to ask, but just wasn't sure."

"It's a self-reminder, Aunty."

"What's the meaning?"

"Remind myself to be more vocal. To express more."

"Good! Agree! You should!"

Aunty K, being the motherly figure of her, telling me just that. And begins a warm lecture for me to open up. Am I that introvert a person!? Am I that not expressive!?

*Poker face*

I shouldn't be doing advertising!

Las Vegas, here I come!



It's a on-and-off kinda steam lah.

The thing is, I don't know what I wanted.

My name? Every other person is doing it.

Tribal? Nah. Pilot 4+2 did a modernised tribal on his arm - angular as opposed to the organically shaped ones. That would be nice, if it's big.

I love Yakuza's. Only if it's sleeved. I don't want that huge of an art. Not just yet?

I like Iban's floral patches too. But I was told you need their permissions to do that. Or you'll be head-hunted. Thank you for that.

Bar codes are dated then. So I thought of QR code. But what should I link it to? My Facebook? My portfolio? Or my number? AR code is totally out of the question. Maintaining an AR engine is expensive. This kinda "code" tats will have the same fate as the bar codes later.

Here's an interesting video of a guy who did a QR code tat linked to a Youtube vid of an animation. "First Ever Animated Tattoo" is a misleading title.

The Pair did a couple-tat recently. One of the many that I can see on their body.

"When's your turn lah?"

"Want meh!?"

"A designer must have at least one lah..."

"... a pair of double quotes...?"

Some weeks later, we were having some beers after work. The suits brought two ladies from the mall management to join us. One of them had tats, which triggered the topic. Half a Macha has one on his left calf. Planning to get a new one, and asked if I want to join him. Despite being a little tipsy, the "double quotes" came into my mind again. A little more specific this time - at the front of my neck.

Why double quotes? Why neck? I didn't know, until recently.

Even the tat artist thought I was crazy for having my first one on the neck. Bro labelled me as "hardcore". The one-week anticipation is killing me. Even more when I'm lying on the recliner. Can't get any worst when Since Primary Two telling the tat artist to give me hell, while Fun Size standing outside the room giving me that smile.

With the needles buzzing closer and louder...

"Oh, fuck. Oh. My. Fuck..."

Huh? What? That's it!?

It's not that bad after all! There are some spots which are more annoying than pain. To a point it's irritating. I have to stop chatting to hold my breath in. And don't believe everything you read on the Internet. "Neck is one of the most painful spot to have a tattoo.". Konon.

What's in between? Nothing. Just the Adam's apple. Just a self reminder.

"Don't keep too much things inside. Express more, Birthmark."

The reason why I started this blog in the first place.

Different people have different pain tolerance, but you can quote me for the painless process.