Dream cycle

I can't ride a bicycle.

Okay. One minute break for laughing.

Hello, people. How are you? Fantastic. Let's move on.

I was around 8 or 9 when I first touched a bicycle. I always "blame" my parents for getting it when I'm "too old" to learn. It's just an excuse of mine lah. I'm just scared. The bike was for Bro. The younger siblings always get the best - a lovely fact. He was only 3, 4 years old. Easier to pick it up.

He did. I remained... me.

The bros laugh at it all the time. They had enough of it at one time, and decided to teach me a lesson or two on bicycle riding not long after we ended high school. At the blooming age of eighteen! They even suggested to fit the support wheels during the lesson. I, of course, violently

Do you need another break?

No? Great.

And off I go
to a padang nearby with Since Primary Two and Pilot 4+2. The padang was rather secluded. Good choice! We were there for over 3 hours. And the furthest I went without falling only to my right was 20 meters. The bushes (let's twist it a little) love me too. Few times they came straight to me!

Mission failed, jokes continued.

Cycling, sadly, only happens in my dreams.
It has become a yearly event. It'll just intrude my slumber, without having a slight thought of it. But I tell you, it was so real! The cycling. The balancing. The gripping. The steady breeze brushing against my face. Into the gaps in between my limbs. It was a kind of freedom I can't describe in words. I wake up pissed knowing it was just a dream.

"How you gonna carry your girls lah?"

I've been asked similar question many times before. Well... I'm all go for an opposite roleplay. The girls carry me! Isn't it cute? And sweet?

I have to admit, I do envy people who knows to ride.

Simply put, I have no fate with 2-wheels.

A lot of things are harder to pick up as you aged.


  1. I was always told that there are somethings you picked up so much easier when you are younger -- like riding a bicycle, learning to skate, learning to swim, and learning a new language. Maybe as adults, we tend to OVER-think, OVER-analyse and OVER-anticipate things; whereas kids, they will accept things as it is presented and have a go at it.

    Anyway, you can still carry your gf around on a bicycle; except that you will need one that is already balanced like a trishaw. :D

  2. One of the guys I dated thought me how to ride a motorbike. It was cute and sweet when I carried him around the housing blocks. Its not so bad I suppose having a girl carry you. Konon-konon macam you ajar dia ride la.

    Errr... is the hitam manis giving you pressure to ride?

    *clicks the invisible "like" button*

  3. Hai lor, Pang Yau. Though we are aware of it and told ourselves not to complicate things all the time. Remember the newspaper story I wrote some time back? It's always in my mind. But I still tend to forget about it when putting into practice.

    Hm... your comment triggers something in my mind. It reminded me of a small little test I had about adults mind versus children mind. Maybe I should post it up some time hor?

  4. No lah, Dim. This post got nothing to do with Hitam Manis. I dreamt of riding again recently...

    Yeah, nothing is wrong with a girl carrying a guy in her bike. Oh, did you purposely press on the brakes at times to get a more intimate body contact? :P

  5. I can't ride as well. Similar story to u

  6. Lizzy, at least now I know I'm not the only rare one. ;)

  7. i always thought the entire world could ride a bicycle 'cept me. but...YAYYYY!!

    but the interesting thing is, in the average urbanite's life one rarely encounters situations that absolutely demand the skill.

    hell, some will probly start looking for the gas pedal. ("oooh...it has TWO accelerators, one on each side!")

  8. Guess "we" are not alone after all, eh, Charlemaine?

    Mine has THREE accelerators. One for slow lane, one for middle lane, one for fast lane. ;)