Bros, are made of these

Neo at the front.

Satria MIVEC Turbo at the back.

Escorting the Slow White Poke, in the middle.

Having a hard time starting the car last Friday evening. Managed to get it started after a while. Thought of letting the alternator charge the

I was so wrong.

Sis to her basketball practice, before I went to the agency for my appointment letter. Since Zoky was already out, called her for dinner and a short walk after. When we were done, I walked her back to her car. And drove me back to mine. It started perfectly. Nothing seems too wrong with it.

I was so wrong again.

the gang at the mamak for some drinks and card games. When we about to leave, I couldn't start it. After a quick troubleshooting, found out the battery was really dead. Got it started after some hard cranking. I was full time running on just the alternator. A dying alternator.

Talks suggested me to tail him. In case my car dies off in the middle of the road, he could at least jump start for me. Along the way, I switched off all my lights. It was pointless, as they are getting dimmer. He called in, worried. I told him I was just trying to save as much. Since Primary Two joined the convoy later, after he sent Fun Size home.

Here's the thing. Talks live further up. Since Primary Two loves the highway. Loves the toll guy and girl. They could have gone home straight using their own way.

How could you not love them?


  1. Could be the starter problem too. Check with your mechanic. :)

  2. The starter is working fine. It was really the battery and alternator.
    Had it changed. Cost me almost 600. Sigh.

  3. Wasn't there like any warning? eg difficulty starting in the morning or whatever?

  4. Andrea:
    No leh. Drove it the night before. It's like any other day.

    But one thing, I bought the car since I trashed the Wira. There's no indicator light of the alternator. You know, the battery light thingy? I thought this car don't have it at all. Been driving for more than 5 years without it. Until my mech fit a bulb in when I get my alternator fixed. HHAhAHA!

    Wonder what the previous owner did with the bulb