Hitam Manis

I was one of the photographer. She was one of the volunteer.

We were at a sports carnival for orphans. Of all the ladies that were there helping out, there's something in her that caught my eyes.

A week later in the office, while Diam-Diam was browsing all the photos uploaded by Cherry-ty (the organizer), I pun kepoh a bit lah. And asked who's that girl. Turn out, they were all schoolmates. But, wasn't close to her.

"Eh, who's that girl?"

"Schoolmate loh..."

"Bring her out lah!"

"Why?... You like ar?"

"Er... (long pause) she's sweet, though. Hitam manis."

"Hehehehe... I'm not close to her. But Cherry-ty is closer to her. So...?"

"So what?"

"You like?"

"... (Long, long pause) Like I've said... she's sweet..."

"Hmm... maybe I can ask Cherry-ty geh. Meet up for a drink or something."

"Yeah. I wouldn't mind getting to know a new friend..."

"Yeah lah! Give up on Zoky lah! Drag for so long and nothing happen! (Look at me from head to toe) I think Hitam Manis suits you better."

What!? What's the relevance? And what a way to conclude that!

This was back then. Fast forward to now, I was set up in a date with her. Not a one-to-one kinda date, but... yeah, maybe later.


  1. Woohoo!!! Good luck! Dun make us wait too long for an update, ok?

  2. i recently tell a friend, if he likes someone, tell her, 'smack' on her face, if not time will pass him by. And he did. More than that, they are an item now - well, sorta kinda item but yeah an item. You.... what are you waitin for? Time doesnt wait which you already know.

  3. Okay! I'll write more if there's anything interesting. Thanks, Pang Yau!

  4. Dim, that's the thing lor. Rush, or slow, either way, I will definitely go for it!

  5. With my
    1 Heart...
    2 eyes...
    5 litre of blood...
    206 bones...
    1.2million Red Cells...
    60 trillion D.N.A.'s...
    I wish u "All the very best of LUCK"...

    (I got this from my sister, wasnt it cute?)

  6. Thanks, Dim! Yeah, it's cute!

    Reminded me of some ads that uses similar executions.