Room to rent

My parents used to rent out a room.

It was the back room, the second largest after the master.

hey rented it to a male college student. His girl came to "lived" in later on. I lepak a lot with them. Was the only child then. Need companions and friends to play with. Remember once I was playing in their room, they constantly pestered me to go out. Saying they need to study. It took me a while to give in. I'm a stubborn child. But come to think of it now, it must be a subject on Kamasutra.

The pair rented the room for a year or so.
Never heard from them ever since. I always wonder what happened to them. Couldn't really remember their faces, but the only thing I can recall is the guy wear glasses, fair complexion, and the girl has a wavy, shoulder length hair.

By now, they should be in their 50s.

Water heater is a luxury then. And the house only has one, which is in the bath of the master. The girlfriend has a "habit" of showering without closing the door. This is true. I bet she's expecting the boy to grope her, or have a quickie when he comes back. From the outside, the bathroom is secluded. Guests won't know if we didn't tell.

It was rather

Can you read floor plan?
The red cross is where the bath is.

One day when she's taking her shower, I went in to have a peek. I know what you are thinking. I'm still a child. Just curious. Okay? It wasn't long. She was facing the wall opposite the sink. Enjoying the hot stream. She's wet and a little soapy. I scanned her from head to toe. She then turned. And saw me.
This is very new to me.

Another quick head to toe before I ran out.

"Mummy, mummy! Why
jeje down there got grass?"

"What grass?"
Mother was confused. Father's listening, even more confused.

"Black grass!"

She came out blushing. And got a lecture from my parents for not locking the door for the x number of times. I was sitting on the sofa watching TV. Being a child.

They seldom lock their room door too. One night, I popped my head in at the door
. It wasn't that late. There were still Chinese dramas showing on TV. But the lights were already off. Their silhouettes were visible through the faint light bouncing off their bodies.

A little worried, I ran out.

mummy! Koko and jeje fighting! Jeje going up and down on him!"

Another lecture. Bad thing for them. Good thing for me. At least I'm exposed young. I was slightly over three then.

This is my room now.


  1. Yes, Brenda. Didn't know what they are until years later. :P

  2. MMMMMMMMM, boy or boy i hope you were never truamatized or stigmatized or victimed by the " dark hair" ,,,,,,,hahahah.

    hey thank you for coming by, truly appreciate it ,,, hope to hear from you often,,,, take care now and god bless

  3. Not really. I grew to love them? HAHAhAHA.
    Catch with you soon, bro.