The tiger came early

Buddy made this and mailed it over the week before.
How nice of him.

Art director and copywriter work as a team. Looking for the other half is like looking for a life partner. It's not easy.
It's never easy. This sounded gay, but it is so true.

You'll be spending most of the time with this person at work. At breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, or any other meals in between. At job briefs, discussions, or meetings. How he or she writes will affect the outcomes of your visuals. How you came out with a visual will affect the writing style.

There will be times when one disagree with the other. Both need to work things out, compromise to a solution where both are comfortable with. Or "simply", give in to the other. It's a very mutual relationship thing.

I met Buddy on my fourth year.

We clicked right away.
Very passionate about his works; though, he's a writer, he looked into the art side of it. Just the value I'm looking for; I expect my writer to tell what is wrong with my visuals, and criticize me. He sketches well, too! There are personal lives beyond advertising that we talked about all the time.

The copywriters I met before him don't show a single at least some trait in these.

He got an offer from Red Apple Black Pencil to work with them after a couple of promising interviews. I was very upset when I heard this, to be honest. But as his partner, I encouraged him to take the offer, and fully supported him. The prospect over there is way better than where we're working.

the period of time we worked together isn't long, but I missed that already. I really do.

Hope we'll team up again one day, Buddy.

You still owe me a meal of your home made pizza!


  1. This is so sweet. I wish I had someone like Buddy too *sigh*

  2. Yes, he is. As a partner and as a friend. I "had" him. Too bad.
    We still catch up from time to time whenever there's chance.