Out of Service

How should I put it? Mixed feeling?

Today, I fitted something to the car. It costs. But you know lah, cars, the big boys' toy? I'm sure you get the drift.

Rewind a little to much earlier.

I don't have much cash with me. Nor cards. I canceled them during the robbery. Remember?
(Yeah, I know. The bank can send a new one over. But hated the bank. Given them my IC, and other photocopied documents, and still, they got my surname spelled wrong! Yes! So, decided to apply from other banks. And no, I can't apply for one. Not without my IC. Not with the temporary one. Just got it. Haven't got the time.)

Armed with only some cash and ATM card, what else is there to do? So off I go to the bank nearby. To my surprise, the balance was low. So low, I can't even make a minimum withdrawal. Are you kidding me? Someone hacked in? Not at this time, man!

Checked at the next machine. The same.

Checked at another bank. It's still low. I'm getting nervous here.

Checked at the last bank. WOI! What the fuck happened!? Where's all my money!?

Eyed the machine's card slot next to me. Jumped over. Inserted the card. Looked up.


Okay... there's something digitally wrong with the screen. Try to take it out. Eh? Where's the tone? Fuck! This machine is not electronically connected. How am I suppose to get my card back?! It was printed on paper. Please don't laugh. Things happen. You know?

There were people around. I started to blush from "What is this idiot doing with an out-of-service ATM?", "hAhaHaHaHhaHaH. Sor hai!", "Aduh! Tengok lah dulu...", and other variance.

Yes. Very embarrassing. Sigh. The same old filling up forms and other bullshit again. In the end, Since Primary Two had to swiped for me. Will involves wire later.

As I'm writing these on my lappy, in the living, I catch a glimpse of the car. Well yeah, I'm happy with the look now. Oh, I found out the hard way that MEPS machine can't detect other accounts linked to the ATM card; stay calm all the time, don't easily panic; and sleep well, as in more than the 5 hours I had kinda well. Okay, okay. I've got it now.

But the stupidity stays.

Happy New Year, people.


  1. Had I been in your situation, I am not sure which would have got me more worked up -- the "no money in account" shocker or the "Out of service" boo-boo. *grins*

    Happy New Year. May you enjoy good health, happiness and lots of opportunities in the year ahead.

    P.S: Would you mind if I link your blog to mine? I love your writing style and content. But if you do mind, please feel free to let me know. Cheers!

  2. Of course I don't mind, Andrea. I'd be more than glad! :)
    Happy new year to you too!