The on/off pair

Since Primary Two and Fun Size made a weird, tall-short pair. In many cute, funny ways.

The funny thing about this pair is, they have
so much in common. But they have so little in common. Guess the likes that brought them together, and the flaw that made them a "perfect" couple. One minute they were names calling, next minute they were laughing their asses off. One minute they were in cold war, kissing raw in the next. For so many times we've been hearing the word "break up" from them, we actually lost count.

I'm the fillings of this two slices of bread. From just a mere listener, to being their informant. Their messenger. Well, more for her. As if I'm a love bird who have tons of past relationships to advice them what to do. I failed big time myself. I'll just listen to what they wanted to say. Say what I wanted to them. Filtered. And tell the other.

No, no, no. Not selective hearing. But it was more of a selective information. Some things are meant not to be told. Not to be shared. Even if I have all the green lights to do so. But making such a judgment on what to bring forward, and what to hold back, is a pure headache. I'm sandwiched in between. Both of them are like my bro and sis. And I can't be biased to one side.

You get what I mean?

Once they were fighting in
my car. Saliva and tears involved. I told them off, it's just a small misunderstanding. Screw the yelling and crying. Or just stunt the fuck out, if they don't stop. I sent her back. And forced him to get down to settle the thing. Their things. I'll just wait at the corner. Right before I light my third smoke, they were hugging hard. Just as I expected.

She called me earlier in the noon, sobbing.
Not the first time though. Claimed he sounded serious. Not the first time too. For the millionth times, I asked her since when he sounded "not serious"? Big, big sigh from me.

You guessed it, they "broke up" again.

Barely eight hours later, I got a text from her. You guessed it right again, they were "okay". Seems fine, apparently. Will be meeting them up and the rest of the gang later tonight. We'll see how it goes. For a couple who are always on and off a relationship, when the real one is out, it will definitely be a really huge one. Definitely.

Which I don't hope to see.

I've never been in that many relationships before. But what I've learned and
experienced so far, when one's love weighs more than the other, the latter will start to take a little advantage of the first.

What matter most is, can we find the perfect balance?

I guess no one will.


  1. Hahahaha, why do I find this so funny one? Lol.

  2. AhAhHA... yeah! Damn funny la this two.