"Is this Birthmark?" Number withhold. Male. Robotic.

"Yes. Who's this?"

"I know you went to Thailand with Zoky. Who are you to her?"

"A friend? And we went in a group. What's wrong with that? Who
are you?"

Claimed she is
his girl. And warned me to lay my hands off her.

Here's the thing. Why be a coward? Reveal your number. Let me hear your true voice. Even meet up face-to-face. Talk like a man. A real man. At least we can minimized the screwing. Knowing that, I fucked him on the spot. The conversation got heated. It went on until I said there's nothing between us. It was a lie. I'm still very fond of her.

The voice changed. To something I couldn't make up. The line, got cut off soon after.
Who. The. Fuck. Was. That?

Since Primary Two
called minutes later. He was about to leave the office. Noticed I sounded pissed. I told him there's nothing serious. Will tell him when I get there. Hanged up, I left the house. And went to the petrol station. As I was filling up, he texted me.

"Dude, don't call
Zoky. It was me."

Huh? What? Why didn't I think of that!? Fuck! I seriously don't know if I should laugh, or double the pissed. I got in the car. Swerved out. Floored to the
mamak. Fucked the pair on first sight. We all started laughing our asses out. After being laughed at. For a quick comeback, I lied to him I did tell her about the call. And the best thing is, she will be joining us later.

"Eh, why you go tell her lah?"
Fun Size asked. Worried.

"Ah then? This is a serious case, okay?"

The look on their face. The guilt. The fear. Almost in tears. Of how remorse are they. One day, these two monkeys gonna
kena big time from me. One. Fine. Day. Zoky didn't make it. Was tired. Lucky for them.

But I almost. Almost wanted to tell her about the call.

I wouldn't mind being played a prank. That's what bros are for. To make fun at each other. At least we can cry laughing at it in years to come. Tonight's, I was disturbed. As much as I can laughed at it, deep down inside, I'm hurt. Not at the cheap prank. But the prank did remind me about what
Zoky told earlier.

She wasn't happy at work. Brought it up to her to have another break. Aside from the recent Phuket's. A short, quick one.
Since Primary Two was planning for a weekend trip to Malacca, or Port Dickson. I invited her to tag along.

"...but remind you again we go out as "friends", okay?"
Said her.


  1. That Since Primary Two not poker face enuf la. If I were him, I would just keep quiet and not open my cards to reveal the prank too early. Heeheehee

  2. Yeah, that's the thing. He's worried if I tell Zoky about it. hhEhEhE...

  3. Me too me too, I'd just keep quite :)

  4. Brenda,
    You too ar? You guys really not afraid I will tell Zoky about it? Daring la you two.