Being too free

I did these at home.

One month break is very long. I'm not gonna sit still, and just do nothing. Not gonna put my brain in long inactivities. Below are just some mental exercises to keep the creative juice flowing. First-thought idea. Copy-based.

Olay, and Diesel are not my client, or in any way associated with them.
These are just spec works.

Get it?

The night be
fore we left for Phuket, we were sleeping at Zoky's apartment. That night, I couldn't get myself to sleep. Until the last one hour, before we were supposed to get up. I'm very excited about the trip, to be honest. Rather than just tossing around the mattress, I thought of 3 different ideas, for 3 different clients.

A print ad for The Jeans.

An outdoor ambient media for The Isotonic Drinks.

A branding TV commercial for The Car.

Gonna present these when I start work later.


  1. The saying goes "An idle mind is a devil's playground." But not in your case since you are all jazzed up with ideas and excitement. :)

  2. Lizzy,

    Thanks! Hope to hear more from you soon. :)