Phuket Déjà vu

My second time there in two years.

Very different, I must say
. Not about the island, but the trip itself.

Went to places I've never been.
Was more into sightseeing. More into seas. More islands hopping. More sand playing on beaches. Got blisters from too much walking. And cuts on my soles for clumsily stepping on the wrong side of the reefs. Devoured more beef noodles. Bottoms up-ed more alcohols. It was dripping on two evenings. I couldn't even smell the rain the last I went.

The seas are clearer this time. The corals are visible. Without having you to go under. Being surrounded by fishes. When you're just standing on the beach halfway submerged in the water. Where these came from? Was it the post-tsunami effect? It washes off the unnecessary, and brought in new things?

Anyway, here are some photos on that trip. To sum up six days I'm there.
Taken with my trusty Nikon D40, and Tamron AF 70-300mm telephoto lens.

Didn't let me down.

Viewpoint at Phromthep Cape. One of our first stop.

Longtail boats at the snorkeling point. Near Phi Phi Islands.

Zoky. I'm her personal photographer throughout the trip.

The angular wonders. James Bond Island.

Eurasian boy. Beach on Coral Island.

The pouring evening at LCCT. "Missed" Songkran Fest there. But got it back here.

Hope you're not expecting to see our faces in. *wink*


  1. Wow, I love those photos that you took. Really nice and yes, am expecting to see both of ya face eh.

  2. Brenda,
    Thanks. Had some of father's genes I guess. Well, at least you can still see a little of Zoky's forehead mah.

  3. wow! beautiful photos. The colours are simply stunning. Were these taken on manual settings? I assumed you didn't make these pics visit Adobe Lightroom before posting, right? :-)

  4. Andrea,

    Yeah. It's a manual lens. Never had Lightroom installed. Can't deny, I've made some levels adjustment in Photoshop. But never the colours. You see that snorkeling point over there, it is that green. Greener than the last time I went.

  5. wow! awesome! c'mon are these the only pics that you took? show some more la. If you do not want to crowd your post with it, then email them over to me to enjoy. I love well-taken photos.

  6. Andrea,

    Haha. Of course not. Aside from being Zoky's personal photographer, I was in a shooting frenzy. Mail ar? Hm... would 10 be enough?