Not Fast, Not Furious

I was tailgated this morning.

But why would a R34 GTR
cucuk a Slow White Poke like mine? Wait... where's the sound lah? Why the car look somewhat... smaller? When it came to my side, I almost shit in my pants.

Only managed to snapped the back. Look carefully

What do we call this? A WajaR, or a GTja? Did I mention it has a big ass "NISMO" intercooler at the front that work as an art piece? You guessed it. It's a non-turbo. The intercooler is just a deco. Oh, it's an auto, too.

The amount of money he spent on the bodywork will actually make him go faster if he know where to put it. Faster than this... this... thing here. Really gives me the shiver.

I'm no where close to his league.


  1. ROTFL

    I would love to see that THING go over the multiple bumps uphill and downhill at my taman. I've seen many a modified car with "spring potong" scraping their undercarriage over those high bumps; which probably explains why we tend to have rather quiet and peaceful nights here. *laughs*

    Anyway, thought you'd enjoy my fast and furious post here: http://the-hedger.blogspot.com/2009/09/speed-danger-reflexes-and-u2.html

    P.S: Check your email.

  2. I just read that. HAHA... Hopefully it's not one of my friends; we sometimes being too bored here, would pay the Starbucks up there a visit.

    Just went up again last week.

    Oh, you might wanna try the Ulu Yam way next time. Tighter curves. More chi kik! But if you saw a slow white car, give it a chance ar? Just taking it's sweet time countering all the understeers and oversteers. :P

    Half way replying your mail. Good discussion. Gimme some time, k?